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Chelsea 1 Liverpool 3

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Oh God players move through those revolving doors at Chelsea so fast it never stops spinning, but the history will judge that the big five were Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Cech and Cole. When those five were in the team it could almost manage itself (Avram Grant getting the team to CL final was more down to player power than managerial genius).

I'd add Essien. And more recently Ivanovic (who may have lacked a little in execution but always had (has I hope) excellent judgement in knowing when to push up. And I'm not sure that Cole was an organiser of others, more a willing helper than a leader.

True. But Cech and Cole were kept on a year after they had been replaced by a better younger player.

Drogba should have been, but of course Torres never played up to the level he was expected to.

I don't think Lampard would have started much last season (he only started 20 games in his last year, before Fabregas arrived) and he was 36 when the season started.

And JT is still here.

Cech is the only one who left while still at a level where he could have been first choice, but also the one most clearly replaced.

I really don't think JM could have kept those 5 any longer (other than Terry).

The problem is that replacements weren't found.

Torres, Mata and Luiz I guess were supposed to take up those roles (and Courtois) and now Fabregas.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.