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Bouncy Blue

Internship in the hospitality sector

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So, I study for a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management and would love to get a bit of work experience from the UK and/or Ireland. Does anyone over here work in the hospitality sector and would maybe be interested in having a Finnish Chelsea fan over doing a bit of work for/with them?

It's surprisingly hard to find anything - even to get a simple reply from most places - even though my English is pretty good, I visit the UK regularly and have a wide experience of work in customer service.

I though I'd try a more casual approach here, to see if something interesting comes up, or if someone has heard of someone who'd be interested. Since I'd probably have to do a few months of work for free, it has to be somewhat interesting and enjoyable too. I can get a more than decent paid internship in Finland, so washing dishes in Carlisle for three months wouldn't be the best of deals. You get the picture.

Well, it's worth giving a shot if something cool comes up!

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