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Antonio Conte - Manager

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2 hours ago, xCELERYx said:

The sad reality. 

Starting to think we just don't bother appointment a manager going forward. Let's just have the players coach themselves since they generally get a smooth ride of it and like to flex their power of control. 

Only about football clubs.  I doubt we are at all unusual for PL or CL clubs in manager turnover.  But lets not get in the way of a good story.

12 hours ago, Michael Tucker said:

Happy to. Care to make a suggestion?

Just read this page.

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8 hours ago, PeteRobbo said:

Maybe it's for Droy? Zaffo says he has has him on ignore. Ham said he was going to do it as well the other day. I'm wondering just how many have him on ignore now? He could end up talking to himself eventually. He could register 6 more IDs and run his own chat show with his alter-egos and himself.

Come to think of it, maybe he already does?

Don't think that didn't cross my mind a long time ago! 😉

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