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Official: Chelsea Sign Michy Batshuayi

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3 hours ago, xCELERYx said:

Well, I would say they have. Salah was not only excellent at Fiorentina when he went out on loan initially, he stepped that up further once he joined Roma and became a real attacking threat - as his record shows. I back him to be a good player for Liverpool one that would have possibly benefited us in our now system.

Cuadrado went to Juventus and has been a solid player just as he was prior to his transfer to us.

Both players are certainly quality enough to contribute here, which is my entire point with Batshuayi. There seems to be this ridiculous fixation of having multiple star players for each position. We don't need that, while it's also unrealistic. What we lack is some good quality depth, players that have both the ability to start when needed but can also contribute from the bench when called upon. Michy could be that sort of player for us upfront. No world beater, but good enough to score goals, start games here and there and still have an impact. While being of a level to still provide competition while maintaining a professional and hard working attitude. People are quick to overlook that he scored 17 league goals for Marseille the season before he joined, including 9 assists. This was in his first full season I might add where he as a regular. 

If we can end up with a striker selection of Morata, Batshuayi and say Belotti or whoever else, it gives us good variation, competition and three overall good strikers to call upon. Unless you rather see us maybe sign another quality CF and sell Michy off and replace him with a short term D grade striker instead? 

Maybe make your kind up? Possibly? Solid? Doesn't sound I was proven too wrong then. 

I'm not fixated with having super stars for every position in the squad - not at all. But I am rather interested to have AMs who doesn't jump out of tackles or are regularly caught in the headlights, who doesn't lose the ball as soon as it is given to them and who are weak mentally. Such a player won't be a hit here. 

They are decent players, but not players that we miss or were wrong to let go. At the time, neither were even close to compete with the other AMs we had. They were at least a level or two below - that's why they didn't get too much playing time. Cause we had better options. 

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