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Michael Tucker

Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

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Where are all the people who claim this would be our best CB? 

We have done beautifully with this transfer. Got rid of a high paid player who didn’t perform to that level, while at the same time weakening a direct rival who already had problems with a weak defense. 

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Before the season started I thought this was a mistake in letting him go, but having seen how we are playing and how open we look from a team shape perspective, I think its probably a good call as Luiz would be exposed to pace and space to run into (Much like he has at Arsenal so far)

It was clear last season at times that Luiz has lost a yard of pace, however, I still believe he has been a great signing for the club over two spells now. I certainly don't have any ill feeling towards him, it had just run its course here as the new manager told him where he likely was in the pecking order.

Difficulty for him is he was walked into a club with a deep rooted poor mentality. Arsenal performances like yesterday have happened long before his arrival there.

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