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On 5/31/2017 at 0:33 PM, zaffo said:

Christensen is still a bit of an unknown I suppose, in the sense of where in a back three he'd play. Not sure if he's left/right sided, or if he'd be a better fit down the middle which Luiz occupies. I suppose we'll find out. Overall though, he ticks the boxes. 

He's primarily right-sided, and can play full back, down the middle, with 3 at the back. Right CB, in a back 4. And he's a talent - be interesting to see how he develops.

On 5/31/2017 at 0:33 PM, zaffo said:

Ake played LWB briefly in a cup game iirc. Not sure how dynamic he is though in terms of getting up and down, while his usefulness in the final third is unknown. He could probably fill the role as a stopgap, but I think his future is either at CB or midfield. Although like Azpi, slightly undersized for my liking as a CB.

Iirc, he's played most of his football as a left back, before the club moved him around at CB, and deep midfield. Whenever I've watched him play at LB, he's been good getting forward.

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