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Advice on getting tickets home or away

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Hi all,


My wife, daughter and I will be flying from New Zealand to England on the 8th of May 2017 for a month, and are dead keen to get to a match.

We went to the game in Sydney last year which was the closest we have been so far, but would love to see the 'real' team in a proper match.

I tried to get tickets to Chelsea v Swansea back in 2011 when I flew over with my family, but was amazed at how difficult it is to get tickets.  Ended up watching the match at Frankies outside Stamford Bridge because we couldn't get tickets together.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get tickets to either home/away ahead of time?




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Hi. Take out a membership at £25 firstly. Tickets normally go on sale one month before a game and they generally sell out quite quickly.

In the tickets section under 'ticket exchange' people who can't, for whatever reason, get to the game sell their tickets at face value.

That's your best chance to buy multiple tickets although getting three seats together might be difficult. You might have to buy three seats in the same stand and in the same tier and meet up before, at half time and after the game.

Finally there are family tickets you can buy which are cheaper. They are clearly marked on the ticket exchange.

The season ends in May don't forget!

Good luck.

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