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Michael Tucker

Stoke 1 Chelsea 2

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2 hours ago, Ham said:

The winner is whoever has the time and patience to keep going until everyone else gets bored or has to go to work. 

Only going to be one winner here (and on every other thread). 

:) I'm so pleased this argument doesn't really interest me that much...... however, I will make one teeny weeny observation. I'd like to watch again some Arsenal games from the Henry/Bercamp era, because I think our play/tactics is not a million miles away from that. The defense (a good one) would soak up pressure then in a flash Arse would win the ball and counter attack into what seemed acres of space. It would infuriate me how often teams would get sucked into this trap.

(That's me done on the subject!) 

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Can somebody explain to me how, when watching a game of football, I can tell that it's Team A trying to draw out Team B and thus appearing to be more defensive, or if it's just that Team B are better and therefore attacking more? Not being as knowledgeable as many on here, it's something that has often bothered me: is there an easy way to tell?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.