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Chelsea 4 Tottenham Hotspur 2

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1 hour ago, kev61 said:

I apologised in public and apologised in private,says a lot about the person involved with no response.

Hi Kev - sorry, but I have to ask: you apologised to whom, and for what? Or, were you talking about something else entirely? Sorry, but you've lost me here.

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21 hours ago, Droy was my hero said:

I see that very differently.  We can't have all our players ball chasing over on the right hand side - someone has to be available to get close to Erikssen while he is lining up that pass.  Otherwise 3 or 4 defenders will still get beaten by Alli in a race from one side of the box to the middle.

I just saw it as a brilliant goal. An incredible pass from Erikssen and then an incredible finish, taken on the half-volley with the ball having travelled 40 yards maybe and arriving from behind Alli over his shoulder. The commentator said that Alli "doesn't miss those"!! Ludicrous, it was a very difficult finish to pull off and he did it sublimely.

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21 hours ago, Ham said:

To be fair you cannot completely deny Eriksen the opportunity to pass from anywhere on the pitch for 95 minutes.  It's not physically possible.  Look at where he crosses from. Could just as easily have been from the halfway line to get the same result.

Wonderful cross. Freakishly good finish. 


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Wow, still can't believe what is happening in front of my eyes when I am watching that Nemanja Matic rocket for the nth time. What a great football match that was. Spurs have a good team, but there was always going to be one winner. It is exactly that winning mentality that separates us from that bunch. Lampard vs Jenas in the pundit room gave further proof to why this is not a generation thing, it is a culture thing. During the Abramovich era, winning mentality has been perhaps the only consistent factor. Conte and his values and philosophy could not be a better match with this club. That is why I am 100 % confident we will win the league, and unless we are extremely unlucky will take the double also.

On the game:

  • We conceded two goals that are absolutely impossible to defend against. No point discussing them. Credit to Spurs for two fantastic goals. 
  • David Luiz was MotM by some distance. Great to see how he is crowning his great season by stepping up on the big occasion.
  • Aké has received a lot of praise, but I am not going to jump on the bandwagon. Though he had a volatile performance. Great tackle and pass that led to the goal, but were fortunate to avoid a penalty at a crucial moment in the game. We shall revert back to Cahill tonight against Southampton.
  • What an asset Fabregas is! We had three chances after he came on, and he was of course involved in all of them, moving and passing like no-one else in this squad. Being able to have an x-factor like that on the bench, with such a professional and winning mentality is an asset that by no means should be underestimated.
  • We really, really lack something when Costa, Hazard and Fabregas are not on the pitch. Willian and Pedro barely touched the ball in the first half, and we need more attacking players capable of holding on to the ball, stand off from the first press and control the tempo of the game. 

Beating Spurs is a great feeling, almost beats crushing Liverpool. Hope we can build on this momentum and hammer Southampton tonight!

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