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Michael Tucker

West Bromwich Albion 0 Chelsea 1

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On 15/05/2017 at 10:45 AM, Hugh Jars 99 said:

Well it is nothing like that at all. We were told by Dave to behold the improvement Poch has made to Spurs since he was been there. I don't think that this is much to write home about - they're better but they're still empty handed again. We were also told to be fearful of Poch should he continue to improve them next season. Meh.

I'm saying the improvement Conte has made in a much shorter time to this squad now compared to the improvement JM made when he took over in his first season is better and more stark. The playing field is also not the same as it was a dozen year ago when we were the only ones that could spend what he - and to a degree Ranieri - spent assembling the 2004/05 squad.

However, just for shits and giggles - if it was like the picture you're trying to illustrate then it is two completely different drivers using the same car along the same stretch of road. One driver doesn't get the car out of 2nd gear because he is completely incapable of using the clutch properly, doesn't know how to take the handbrake off and also filled the unleaded, super charged engine with diesel. What a dick - he's steering it all over the place and almost off the road and so he is removed from the drivers seat lickety-split.

The other driver jumps in and after a very short period where the engine is bled and the right is fuel added he gently corrects the erratic steering, releases the handbrake, engages the clutch in the correct way and over the length of the road moves the car through it's gears professionally but ever so skilfully winning the race comfortably. He hasn't driven got the most expensive car in the race and hasn't had the biggest engine but he got the car to perform better than the car has in a decade. The contrast between the drivers couldn't be more stark; results and performance are there for all to see.

~ Champions :)



An unequivocally brilliant post. You absolutely smashed it Hugh.

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When taking in to consideration how much Conte spent on players in the Summer, should that amount be off set by the amount of money we got for Oscar, Ivanovic and Mikel in January?

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