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9 hours ago, PeteRobbo said:

Doesn't mean that we shouldn't use every means at our disposal in an effort to arrive at a correct judgement Paul.

To repeat, just because introducing something new doesn't completely eradicate previous shortcomings it doesn't mean that it has no value at all and should therefore be rejected. If it produces an improvement, an outcome where fewer miscarriages of justice prevail, then it is consequently worthwhile, since it is clearly better than what went before.

Let me begin by stating that I'm generally for using whatever technology available to improve our lives. That is basically a pillar of my daily work. 

So I see no reason to not use it in football one might say. 

But one thing that repeatedly gets to me, is that Ashley Barnes assault on Matic went to review and he got cleared from any wrong doing punished with a red. Randomness I can take, bias I cannot. And I'm not sure bias will be removed even with the use of technology. 

Some decisions are beyond discussion - was he offside, was the ball over the line (goals). But as soon as there is an element of judgement involved (fouls or 'last-touch' for example) bias cannot be ruled out. 

Other than that, this was a rather pleasant discussion to follow. Some good arguments on both sides (personal attacks aside). 


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