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Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1

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9 minutes ago, xCELERYx said:

Anyone who had a remote idea of how Conte operated would have told you that the board needed to give him transfer power to build his own side. If that wasn't going to happen, then thing weren't going to pan out all too well. The board should have been very aware of this from the beginning. If they weren't, or if they've failed to meet the agreed expectations, then that's on them and Conte is right to express his frustrations when it means he's not able to do his job in the manner he envisioned. 

This is the "you have to understand Italian football first before you can understand Chelsea" argument taken to its extreme.
It would be fair to say that Conte's expectations and the Clubs expectations were always going to find it difficult to match up (without a lot of early success).  But frankly Chelsea's expectations of a manager are very well known by everyone, and accepted by pretty much every club and almost every manager in Europe.  

One thing anyone who has found themselves in any management job learns quickly - is that any manager has a perfect right to quit.  But he does not have a right to complain in public.  If he takes a massive pay rise and then complains then he is a jerk, pure and simple (whether Conte has complained or not is not clear).

On City - I agree.  We can not (and should not) compete head to head with them if they get their act together.  Man U too (though curently they are a long way behind City in performances).

2 minutes ago, xCELERYx said:

352 is the system. Our AM's are a hindrance and having them on the books has essentially forced the 343 to accommodate them, while a lack of midfield less meant it helped negate that. Now that we've got Baka and Kante in midfield, with Drinkwater on top, once all are fit we should be ditching 343 and moving ahead with 352. 

Or 433.  Arguably having 5 CBs, 2 giant FBs, Bakayoko and just one essentially attacking defender, Moses, is the real issue.  Having Hazard. Pedro and Willian as the entire AM is not hindrance, it is desperate shortage.  And the only reason they keep on getting picked in pairs is because they were so good for us last year.

City play 4141 and overwhelm everyone with energy while superstars get rotated on and off the bench.  
Of course the best solution for Chelsea would not be fewer Hazards, Willians and Pedros, but to have 6 or 7 of them.

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7 hours ago, kev61 said:

The reason I keep banging on about Mourhino is because he is the anti Christ in footballing terms.Let's move on.The result and our style of play against Madrid suggests to me we are on the right road.There will be dips and head scratching,but we have a manager that is one of the best in the business.

If we lose Conte we are screwed.Another merry - go - round of managers will ensue and I wonder do the board really care.We need people who know football on the board.I would get Lampard and Terry as at least consultants .




You can't bear the sight of him and he's the anti Christ and enemy of football....I honestly have no problem with that because each to his own. My problem is this. We are trying to dissect what has gone wrong of late and how we just have lost to a team that hasn't won a game for 5 months. Blaming Mourinho is not really helpful...agreed?  

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We were lucky and rode our luck. Will never find another player that misses like Richarlison. 

Onto the blame game, has the board and Emenalo ever be held accountable for anything? Or are they there just to weigh in and then pull the sack trigger?

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On 10/21/2017 at 4:56 PM, Kezza said:

We were lucky and rode our luck. Will never find another player that misses like Richarlison


Fabregas? Scores for 2-0 and game over. 

Edit - in the wrong thread btw

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