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Michael Tucker

"If I Was Roman Abramovich, I'd......."

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Difficult to say if I was him, what I'd do since we don't know what limitations exist, however this would be a gist:

- Suspend Stamford Bridge extension plans temporarily and investigate what is happening with the CapCo Earls Court development, with a view to taking on some of the land- could be a far more appropriate and a more cost effective development. If it's a goer, trigger the CPO vote and put together plans for a 68,000 seater with focus on improving atmosphere and facilities and better spaces for egress. If Earls Court not a goer, look into possible sites in surrounding area, if still nothing around, proceed with Stamford Bridge plans but secure as much finance as possible.

- Limit net spend for next five seasons to £50 Million apart from one season, with a big cash injection of £200 Million

- Install Guus Hiddink as Director of Football

- Retain Conte

- Set up Transfer Committee formed of Abramovich, Hiddink, Conte, Marina, Buck. Include scouting team, Jody Morris and Guy Lawrence in meetings. Offer advisory roles to Frank Lampard and John Terry (once retired).

- Throw everything at keeping Hazard, with a big window aimed at bringing in at least one player of similar quality to Hazard 



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9 hours ago, kev61 said:

Do you not see how ridiculous this is!.He has been coached and managed by the best !.It's like asking a chef that has been trained by Gordon Ramsey and Michel Roux he has to go back to catering college before he can open a restaurant.

It's just like any other form of teaching... no matter how good your own teachers were, and how good you were at retaining that information yourself, you still need to learn how to teach. That's why after doing a degree, those wishing to teach go on to do PGCEs.

Being able to do something (such as playing football at a high level) doesn't necessarily equate with the ability to coach others to do it. Teaching is a skill which needs to be learnt and honed just like any other skill.

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On 13/02/2018 at 2:19 PM, Bob Singleton said:

I was told the same by a Russian friend of mine.

Me too

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