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VAR What?

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11 hours ago, Backbiter said:

It is well-established that yellow cards cannot be overturned. So if, last night, the VAR had stepped in and told the ref that he should have given us a pen, is it not the case that Willian's yellow could not have been rescinded?

I wonder whether the fact that the ref issued a yellow was a key factor in his stubbornness in not reviewing the incident. He gave the card instantly, indicating he was 100% certain William had dived, so he was not prepared to be proved wrong by video evidence.

I am still mystified by people who see a dive in that incident. I suppose it shows the depth of their hatred for all things Chelsea.

I think a yellow or red card can be rescinded in the immediate aftermath of an event.

If the referee has made a clear error and shown a card incorrectly, VAR can also be used to overturn that decision.

Once play starts again or the game's over, the card remains on record.

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4 hours ago, chiswickblue said:

If you're interested, the full protocol of what the refs can and can't do is here:


Thanks.  Pretty scimpy that, leaving a lot to the imagination.

There is also a 67 page handbook which no one will ever read.


No surprise that no one has a clue what they are actually allowed to do and what not.

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