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Performance Review: Mid-season Edition

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I always appreciate opposing views in the forums and apart from the hobbyhorses posters slip back to every opinion is worth considering.

Having said that I am still somewhat amazed that in many cases it is argued the answer to our small squad is bringing on loan players back and the argument that really they shouldn't in most cases be away from SB but here ensuring the Club take all before them.

History shows us that the number of Academy players going on to anything but average professional careers is at best limited!

Chalobah has not been fortunate this season with injuries  but still remains a questionable plus to the present squad if he were still here,I personally liked him and hoped he would grow into a long term Chelsea player but it was not a certain thing. Ake I liked but wasn't ever going to contribute as a long term player. The likes of Tammy and RLC are at best a gamble for the future (still) and I would not put money on such a gamble.

Someone else said recently that the lower levels of the game are littered with once upon a time Chelsea wunderkinds and I see very little that encourages me that change is in the air. Our young Luiz lookalike has potential but then so did Josh RLC etc

Even with two bad losses on the bounce a victory Monday (two games on a Monday in succession ?..Huh?) would move us back up and hopefully a front player like Giroud will help with the goal drought..Hazard as a false nine is exactly that,,a false position.

Keep Hazard ..he would look good in La Liga but he plays for the fun of it. I watch Messi often and he still has a hunger and a will to win that Hazard does not have in his DNI...

Courtois I critiqued before...as long as a hungry young keeper could be found to replace him let him go..I advocated him replacing PC and still think that at the time it was the right decision but he has regressed in some ways and is not worth turning away a good price for..and I hate to write that.

So onward...I watch Chelsdea because they are,and always have been my team and that will never stop.but to watch the game as an enjoyable experience I turn to MC and Barca..no loyalty issues but ...


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On 2/7/2018 at 0:02 AM, xCELERYx said:



Goalkeepers - (x/10)

  • Courtois - (x/10) pre injury 8.5 post injury 6.5
  • Caballero - (x/10) 8
  • Eduardo - (-) N/a

Defence - (x/10)

  • Cahill - (x/10) 7
  • Luiz - (x/10) 6.5 (only due to lack of game time
  • Azpilicueta - (x/10) 8.5
  • Christensen - (x/10) 9
  • Rudiger - (x/10)8
  • Ampadu - (x/10)7.5

Wing-Back- (x/10)

  • Alonso - (x/10) 8.5
  • Moses - (x/10)7.5
  • Zappacosta - (x/10) 7
  • Emerson - (x/10) N/A
  • Kenedy - (x/10) 6.5

Midfield - (x/10)

  • Kante  - (x/10)9
  • Bakayoko - (x/10)7-7.5 (nowhere near as bad as some people think)
  • Fabregas - (x/10) 7.5
  • Drinkwater - (x/10) 7-7.5 

Attacking Midfield - (x/10)

  • Hazard - (x/10)7.5
  • Willian - (x/10)7
  • Pedro - (x/10)7
  • Barkley - (-)6.5-7
  • Musonda - (-/10) 7
  • Boga  - (-)6.5
  • Hudson-Odoi - (-)7-7.5

Strikers - (x/10)

  • Morata - (x/10) 8
  • Batshuayi - (x/10) 7.5
  • Giroud - (x/10) N/A


  • Conte - (x/10) 7.5
  • Board - (x/10) 7


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