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Hello from Russia!

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Hi all!

I'm Nikolay, and I'm from Russia, Nizhny Novgorod - the city, that will be a part of WorldCup 2018. 

I'm not an expert in English and in football, but still this is an opportunity to see real English fans in our city :)

Is anybody going to visit NiNo?


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Hi Nikolay,

Didn't know much about your town yet now see it is reasonably close to the Caspian sea and was surprised to see it is Russia's 5th biggest city. I'm not going to the word cup as I'm an armchair fan at my age. 

There are lots of fans forums, I know of four for just Chelsea.

I have also noticed in recent times a lot of England fans travel from the smaller clubs who do not normally get the chance to play in Europe.

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