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Richard Redmond

Premier League.com CFCNet Fantasy League 2018/19

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We're back again for our 108th season :happy: New members welcome, the code is below. Old members.....well, you're very welcome too! Don't forget the first game is on Friday the 10th.

Have fun!

Code to join : 399565-85048


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Top 10 after GW4. Have you used your wildcard yet?? :happy:

1   Password is Taco Mike Coulam    291
2   Dark Horse Arko M    288
3   Brittany Gold mark worrall    284
4   Sarrismo Nikhil Jayanand    279
5   The Elastico Rio Coimbra    277
6   We're Not Brazil Patrick Archibald    271
7   Sorry not Sarri Trev Crosse    270
8   SweepaKepa Karan Menon    268
9   Kepa Clean Sheet Rowan Long    267
10  Don Keebles FC Paul Mcgoochan    266

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After GW37. One gamesweek to go. Looks like we might have a winner!


1   Brittany Gold mark worrall   2396
2   Kepa Clean Sheet Rowan Long    2338
3   Sarri not Sarri Aaron Belchamber    2265
4   Flying Circus mihkel valge   2263
5   Dark Horse Arko M    2250
6   Sarrismo Nikhil Jayanand    2232
7   Niko Audun Gabriel Langeland  2220
8   Who's Sarri Now? Dave Scully    2206
9   Sarri, not Sarri Sam Howard    2204
10  Invincibles Ashish Chopra  2201

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And we have a winner! Congratulations to Mark Worrall for his convincing result. An open top bus will be available for celebrations. See y'all next year!


1   Brittany Gold mark worrall    2453
2   Kepa Clean Sheet Rowan Long    2398
3   Dark Horse Arko M   2332
4   Sarri not Sarri Aaron Belchamber  2328
5   Flying Circus mihkel valge   2318

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