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1 hour ago, Phoenix Blue said:

In regard to RLC, watched him a lot at Crystal Palace and he had the same issues, with the ball looked great but without it looks lost and doesn't work harder enough. He seems to stand off and admire his own work when it comes off, but waits around for the next one to happen.

The other thing with him is goal scoring, not sure if he scored more than 1 or 2 at Palace, but lacks confidence in his ability to take a chance and shoot. This confidence thing is huge because when you watch CHO take his chance he goes for it, never see that with Ruben. I was so hoping he would come through because he has all the tools to do so, now unless something happens this season I fear he will move on.

Too bad.

He is working much harder these days. However, when we have the ball he is either:

a) moving towards our player with the ball, to the point where he ends up getting so close, he is in the way.


b) spending a lot of time with an opposition player between him and the ball, where he can never get it.


Its frustrating, because, as you point out, he looks very good with the ball and has learned to retain posession very well.

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2 hours ago, RobertoftheGiz said:

So are you saying that we can expect to see a lot of square balls being played across the back line and how many team have the pressing defenders philosophy?


No I'm merely stating that when we do not win possession high up the opponents half we are likely, as most teams have to do, to build from the back. The defenders will have to be good with the ball, even when pressured by an opponent. Making a split-pass in a pressured situation in your own half is not something everyone can do with little to no mistakes over the course of a season. A player like Cahill is absolutely not the right choice. He panics when he's under pressure and you're never quite sure where a pass from him might end up. 

Christensen is suffering a little bit of the same illness, although a much midler version. 

Luiz issue is that he 'wanders off efensively or make silly defensive mistakes. Rarely that he gives the ball away in dangerous areas because he couldn't handle pressure from the opponents. But given Luiz tendency to make these silly defensive mistakes, it's even more important to have a solid and robust defender next to him. That Rüdiger is far more polished than that is just a huge bonus. Together they present the strongest positive attributes but also the least negative aspects as a pair. Plus, both are fairly quick which can't be underestimated when playing with a high line. 

Maybe I will be proven wrong once Cahill is up and running 100%. 

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Every successful team in the history of the game have a solid midfield,they protect the defence and supply the forwards - the engine room if you like.Our midfield has been a disaster for years - get it right and we can turn the team into challengers get it wrong and we will be in freefall.


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