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24 minutes ago, RobertoftheGiz said:

Martin1905 - Baku is a lovely city. 

It’s the Oil capital of the caspian full of oil men wrapping their Wands on the bar counters every night. And some of the most beautiful ladies you will ever a see. 

Commrade DWMH might have been there during his Tony Benn years  

Never been sadly, though a friend recommends the women highly.  But then Eastern Europe is full of stunning women, Prague too.

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That is an absolute plum draw, literally could not have hand picked it better. Weakest team left in the quarters drawn, with the second leg at home, then the semi draw against the next two weakest teams (Villarreal are probably weaker than Benfica to be fair), with the home game second. For me, this draw should really mean we make the final. 



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