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I don't think we'll see bulk changes being made because doing so has the potential to disrupt the fluidity and cohesion Sarri is working on. Too many changes and his system will largely fall flat on it's face because the players selected won't really have had much in the way of real match time to build any chemistry and understanding. 

4-5 changes at most is all I can see. Something similar to what we saw in our Europa game. 

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What I want to see:


Zappa Cahill Ampadu Emerson

RLC Fabregas Barkley

Moses Morata CHO


What I think we'll see:


Zappa Christensen Luiz Alonso

Barkley Jorginho Fabregas

Moses Morata Willian


I think we'll draw after 90 mins and then who knows what will happen.

I also think Liverpool's team will be stronger than many suspect. Salah will play.

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On 9/23/2018 at 11:35 PM, Droy was my hero said:

^ Plenty of choice.  for example:


Zappa, Cahill, Christensen, Emerson

Barkley, Fabregas, Drinkwater, 

Moses, Morata, RLC

CHO and Ampadu as first subs

RLC is injured, along with Pedro and Rudiger

20 hours ago, Never happy said:

Drinkwater hasn't been on the bench at all, so I can't see him starting..





hope I'm wrong but

liverpool 3-0


DD was on the bench v Cardiff I believe. RLC injured so he might well play.

Hearing rumours that Zola has suggested Hazard will be involved. It will serve us right if he plays and gets kicked out of the league game. 

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Hate these top team games early in this cup...and I'm sure I'm wrong but so often it seems the games are repeated in the EPL almost straight away!!

Misery for nothing if we lose and a forgotten victory by Christmas...Need to stay in the cup to bring youngsters/fringe players in and little glory to win the cup and really the Final only of interest to the two finalists' fan base.

On a more positive note..from a family friend yesterday ..a true Derby fan..when emailed asking about Mount's game yesterday.

"..he was amazing and has been since he joined. Has a massive future and will be a massive star"... Onward.

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Sarri really must not like Zappa if he changes almost entire team except him.

I don't understand how Ampadu can't even get on the bench when he can play CB or the Jorginho role.

At least CHO is on the bench but no Giroud :(, could've rested Kante completely and given the slot to Giroud or Ampadu

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