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On 01/10/2018 at 3:13 AM, xCELERYx said:

While I can appreciate that we've done well against the two other top sides we've faced. Let's not act as if we've not road our luck in those games and been fortunate in some regard to walk away with points. The defence is still suspect and one quality performance from David Luiz isn't magically going to mask our frailties down back. We've been on the kind end of some terrible finishing by opposition sides and it's hard to see that luck lasting all season. At some point those favourable results could just as easily be heavy defeats. 

Not having a reliable scoring CF will obviously be a factor, but with the amount of possession we have and attack minded we are, there's no real excuse for players like Hazard, Pedro and Willian to not be able to help shoulder some of that burden in the short term.

I agree that we've benefited from some appalling finishing eg West ham(1), L'Arse(3) & Shiqueery(?) but we too have missed sitters. Conversely we've been undone by some crackers, thinking of Studge and the Geordie header.

The luck has certainly not all been in our favour, but we are a work in progress right now. One which has seen massive improvements in how we apply the new philosophy. Sarri had to work out the strengths and weaknesses of his squad, best pairings & combos etc. The very best way to achieve that is in the heat of battle. On top of that Jorgie and Kova are new to the EPL. HE had to figure where we are and research is an investment for future reward.

Personally, I was horrified vs 'Arse, next to no protection for the back 4, players looking unfit and the 2 star signings struggling with the frantic pace. L'Arse using the full width to pull us out of position, forcing us to run where they wanted. It was chaotic but had the pluses of a fine finish by Morata and 3 pts.

Things are more settled now and our performance Saturday was a massive improvement on L'Arse game. The MF and back 4 working as an effective and cohesive unit, displaying great confidence in and desire to work for each other. That goal should not have been conceded, dRoss gave the ball away as usual, Kante & Kep ignored what Studge had tried mid-week and was clearly keen to try again, head was up looking at the target. If I could see he was very interested in shooting, then they most definitely should too. Maybe Kep couldn't keep it out but Kante had to get closer, make life difficult, let him know you're coming. Yes he might still have squeezed it home but we should have done better and dRoss should not have given them the ball.

I am extremely optimistic about us right now,. Things are definitely moving in the right direction. If we can build on this with more improvements I will be happy. Biggest concern is goals and who'll get them. I can't begin to see Eden as a 40 goal man and even if he is, we'll still need a few others weighing in with 15+.


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21 hours ago, Mark Kelly said:

I read somewhere that he has the record for giving the ball away most in a game , even more than Alexis Sanchez does apparently. 

It felt "wrong" at the time but within seconds he'd lost the ball two or three times and the Sturridge goal just cemented the feeling .

A bit harsh of Barkley who was fired up and desperate to do his bit for the side but it is what it is I'm afraid.

Doesn't surprise me, he was constantly doing that Wednesday with very little interest in recovering the ball he himself had lost - double bad.

The really bad part is its simple, short, easy low-risk passes that go astray.

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There's been a good exchange of opinions about this game here and here's a link to The Coaches View of the match to stimulate more of that:




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