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Michael Tucker

Chelsea 1 MOL Vidi 0

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11 hours ago, RobertoftheGiz said:

2007 league cup final.

Enough said. 

That was 11 years ago and it's obvious that Cesc has matured since then, and I say that as SFL's biggest fan (well one of them!).

I hated Mark Hughes when he was at Man U but loved him when he came to Chelsea :-) 

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19 hours ago, RobertoftheGiz said:

 Cesc is what he is. 

An Arse & Barc reject. Will never be a true blue.

One of the stupider comments I've read on these pages.

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Key for this game? Lack of penetration and substance. We didn't create enough good chances and the ones we did create we didn't score on. Story of our season and I fear it'll continue to haunt us unless Morata suddenly explodes. We should have won 3-0 minimum but even that would have been slightly disappointing. They were awful. 


Arrizabalaga: 6 - Didn't have much to do but still managed a few scary moments

Zappacosta: 7* - Probably our best performer on the night

Cahill: 7 - Good game from Gary, solid if unspectatcular

Christensen: 6 - I worry about Andreas... He looks jaded even before the games kick-off

Emerson: 7 - Had a lot of opportunities going forward. It didn't materialse to enough substance

Loftus-Ceek: 7 - With the ball he's some player. He's got ability to penetrate. He's passing is crisp and spotless. He just needs more minutes - and should get them. Insane talent. Was denied a clear penalty and should probably have scored one

Fabregas: 7 - Had all the time in the world but never got going. Hard to pick out runners against a deep 451. He was needed further up the pitch

Kovacic: 7 - Controlled in possession but never really got out of second gear

Pedro: 6 - Lacked edge going forward 

Morata: 6 - Just looking at what he did out there I suppose he wasn't a disaster. But should have had three instead of one

Willian: 7 - Main attacking threath but didn't get enough substance out of his efforts



Hazard: 7 - His close dribbling is on another level this season  

Barkley: 6 - Didn't bring much to the game, lacks RLCs assurance in possession

Moses: 6 - Was there a reason to bring him on instead of say CHO?



1-0 Morata (Willian)

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On 05/10/2018 at 5:41 PM, RobertoftheGiz said:

You are right that Cesc should have been shown the doors two seasons ago. However every man and his dog has knows that Cesc has never changed with regards to defensive duties going back to his days with the Arse. 

Hence during his time at the club. He did the business with JM in his first season until JM decided to shut up shop. 

Conte didn’t fancy his style of play in his first season. The second season was more of desperation due to the lack of support from the cronies for conte’s wish list and Cesc tried to reinvent himself. 

try to compare him with a player who has played eight games in the pl is a joke. Maybe we can revisit the stats in 6 months  time when the opposition have worked on their tactics for Jorginho. 

Thinking of Cesc type players Maybe you can enlighten me on the defensive duties of KDB?

The comparison was on their relative defensive capabilities. By your own admission Cesc has never been any good defensively whereas Jorgie arrived as a specialist operating just in front of the back 4. Defensively, he has shown mobility, ability to recover shape, awareness and decent anticipation. He is already way above Cesc defensively and as he adjusts he will only get better.

Compare with KdB? Hahaha.

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