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Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

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On 11/10/2018 at 2:37 PM, The_Ghost said:

Well I'm not sure what you want to achieve with this post? Establish you don't like Barkley? Thx we know! 

It is absolutely hysterical to run with a story calling him **** etc at this stage of the season. He's been out for a full season with a serious injury and is just starting to come back. You may not like him, but I think he's done enough to be given the minutes he is given at the moment. Look at him, he really wants this. He is working his socks off every time he steps on that field and he's in the physical form of his life. 

So not sure what all the bitching is about. Let them get on with it and we can judge players and manager at the end of the season- as is the usual way of evaluating someones season. 

I simply sought to refute your assertion that criticism of Ross was hysterical. Seeing little criticism of Sunday, it seemed you viewed criticism of his frequently losing possession & defensive failings prior to Sunday as hysterically unfair, when it most certainly is not. 

Where is this "story calling him ****etc"? I said it would be great if he came good on both areas of weakness, not that he couldn't. I saw Sunday's game as reason for optimism, not a justification to forget all we've seen thus far. Since first identifying his failure to pass effectively, I've heard his passing stats were always poor.   

Yes, he's suffered a long-term hammy injury, which would excuse a lack of match sharpness and (less so) fitness. If his hydration was poor he wouldn't even be allowed to train, so starting games definitely means he is considered fit.  Morata is working hard, Torres and Bakka both worked hard. Working hard is a basic requirement and one that is very easily delivered. Effectiveness is another matter.

I see you make no comment on his performance vs scouse @ SB. Fact, poor passing & pass selection cost us 2 points. 
My heart genuinely sank when I saw him come on with us under the cosh. 

What you describe as bitching is simply objective comment & opinion with which you disagree. Such comment is entirely subjective; has gone on for years and will continue many more years. I made no forecast at all on how I expect his season to pan out and it is self evident that "evaluation of someone's season can only be done at the seasons end".

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