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Michael Tucker

Chelsea 0 Southampton 0

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On 03/01/2019 at 0:31 AM, Ham said:

Screenshot_20190102-232820_Samsung Internet.jpg

They didn’t even bother with a line this time. I wonder why...


8 hours ago, thevelourfog said:

I'm with you here. If I was picking the team and was told only one of Jorginho and Fabregas could get picked, it'd be Fabregas but largely because I think he suits where we are and what we need right now better. Jorginho is doing exactly what he was bought to do and doing it well, and doesn't deserve what seems like a building wave of personal criticism and bile (he was getting a lot of stick from a fair few who sit near me on Wednesday night, and has been for a while now) because the unfortunate circumstance is that it isn't fitting all that well with our needs at this moment. If we played (were able to play?) any faster, or if teams were more willing to attack us, I think the way he's discussed would be very different.

Completely agree with that assessment. Thing is, for many of our games I think our best midfield would be Fabregas, Jorginho and Loftus-Cheek. 

At the beginning of the season I looked forward to seeing both Fabregas and Jorginho play together. I’m surprised we haven’t seen that very often... For me Sarri seems to be a tad too rigid with his ideas. Maybe with time, and more suitable players, I’ll be proven wrong! 

7 hours ago, Blue_In_Every_Way said:

Thing is, Barkley is gonna get slaughtered if he gives the ball away by attempting the same passes that people want him to.

I get the feeling that Barkley is under extra scrutiny since even before he came to Chelsea.

I agree with your second paragraph. I also agree with the first - but if he did play the passes he has to play at least he was giving it a proper go. Now it just seems he’s too scared to try anything... 

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