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Blue Rod   
6 hours ago, The_Ghost said:

I agree with this. So for us to score more goals is not to focus on Kanté, but rather on why the CM8 and attackers score so little. 

That we are lacking a striker is a no-brainer - we all knew that going into the season. That we lacked goals from midfield we all knew as well. So the provlem of not having enough goalscorers in the squad was common knowledge in July and a dead cert when the squad was finalised in September. 

So for me, the issue is not Sarri (or Sarri-ball). Neither is it Kanté or that Luiz plays at CB. The issue is and alsways was a lack of natural goalscorers in the squad. Not even Hazard is, or has ever really been, a natural goalscorer. That is our chief problem. 

Well,  I agree that we need a striker of top quality. It would not solve our current midfield conundrum, but it might just make up for it somehow. However, this talk of Higuan is a bad joke. The Argentinian stopped bring a striker a long time ago. Maybe Sarri has not seen what present day Higuan looks like. 

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