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27 minutes ago, RobertoftheGiz said:

You know a second season means this web site will go into meltdown with the Sarri For and Against brigades posting their opinions

MT take note :0)

I find it strange that actual evidence of another season, would convince either side of the debate. People would simply assign positives or negatives to players, management or club individually or collectively. Fortunately, this is not just us. I see the same with all the other top clubs with "<insert manager name> - Stay or Go?" discussions.

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3 hours ago, Blue Rod said:

Let's keep the ineffective Sarri or we might get Benitez.  Sounds really desperate.

Benitez is 3 times the coach that Sarri will ever be. 

Eh? Have I ever said that? I claimed that some members have said that they rather have Ancelotti or Benitez back over Sarri. You have been one of them. 

Regarding the last point. Based on their time at Napoli, it certainly is a very, very bold claim to make. 


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