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Droy was my hero

Rugby WC 2019

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(The old rugby/cricket thread has been archived)

There has to be some comment on the England NZ game yesterday morning.  Terrific entertainment.  Thanks to the ITV directors they filled all those interminable pauses with clips of England players knocking down NZ runners so in an 80 min game, we got a good 2 hours of entertainment.

I have seen Itoje look magnificent in a standard England team a number of times.  This time he was magnificent in a magnificent XV.

Look forward to the final but I doubt there will be a better Rugby game (for an Englishman) for a decade or more.

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Yes England played very well and kept those All-Blacks quiet, incredible intensity and discipline. Also two tries ruled out through minor technicalities. 

I noticed an interesting point from Eddie Jones advising the team practise and train according to the referee of the match. Their training takes into account his preferences. That surprised me.

I don't think the final against South Africa will be a push-over, don't like their gamesmanship yet they have a lot of technical skill. 

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