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On 31/12/2019 at 7:09 PM, King Kante said:

Personally I have been of the opinion that the trio of Kante, Kova and Jorgi does not work and causes us issues. For me the problem is that whilst they are all good players, they do not really compliment each other and are not great at defending the counter. Personally I think only two of them should be on the pitch at any given time. The issue however, is that we are light on numbers in CM that are useable and Mount, our best No.8, is needed to play in a AM position as he actually knows how to press. 

I have said on numberous occassions that I expect Granny to cash in on Kante and I still believe this to be the case as I see no situation where she turns down a serious offer for a 29 year old. This is not me saying that I think Kante is done or that I want him to go (he is actually my fav of the three) it is more that I do not think we can keep all three as a) they do not work together as a trio, b) one, along with Barkley, will need to go so we can get a premium CM that compliments the remaining two better and c) Kante would still command a large fee, he is the oldest of the three and the highest earner at the club. 

I have looked back on the matches this season where we recently lost to Southampton, West Ham and Bournemouth and concluded Kante and Jorginho does not work. We lost also to City yet I think that is not worth considering due to opposition quality and also Everton away with the new manager bounce..

Kovacic with either Jorginho or Kante gets us results.

I don't think will get more than £50m for Kante due to the last couple of campaigns under Sarri and Lampard. I've noticed that when Kante plays with Jorginho he tends to play as right sided midfielder yet Kovacic commands the centre and often breaks the opposing lines. So Kante playing with Jorginho tends to occupy the Willian space yet is less effective apart from recycling the ball.

In a different system Kante might still shine yet not currently unless we drop Jorginho and he plays just as a defensive midfielder. 


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