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Chelsea vs Leeds United

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7 hours ago, Sciatika said:

To my way of thinking, it was a much more tactical game than I remembered. Sexton would have known that Leeds were probably the better team on paper especially without Alan Hudson. He tried to cut off the supply to their wide players and Clarke when he dropped deep. However, as we all know, Webb did not have the pace to deal with Gray and so moving Harris to 'mark' Eddie Gray made a huge difference. He left Eddie Mac on Lorimer. Eddie Mac was a far better footballer than many remember and could play in most positions (including at least one game up-front as a lone striker). Clarke was still only 24 and would have much better games. Apart from the dribble and assist for their goal, Clarke struggled to get in on the game.  Bremner was his usual self but Giles was a bit anonymous. Maybe Hollins played better than I realised. Shame we didn't have Hudson for the game. He would have played in central midfield with Charlie Cooke pushed wide and was a far more creative player than Tommy Baldwin.

The usual astute analysis from Sciatika....one of those games that you watch with your heart totally involved with the drama...reflecting later in a cooler climate is more than worth while....

Sexton at Chelsea was a good tactician usually (Think Droy disagrees but) even though it must have been a nightmare handling the "group"....the telling difference this game was the refusal of Chelsea to give in to a better side but not one that much better...the consistency that Leeds had was lacking at Chelsea at that time but the ability and talent of the Chelsea .squad should not be underestimated......

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33 minutes ago, chara said:

(Think Droy disagrees but)

I was 10, had no idea of tactics, and watched from the North end about half a mile from the pitch.  I do know that Sexton said Hudson and Ossie go or I go.  The board sold both, and soon afterwards sacked Sexton.  Something wrong there.

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