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West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

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Rob B   

I’ll try and avoid saying what’s already been said e.g. Rudiger and Christensen: 

* What has happened to Tammy?  Should have cleared the ball off the line and looks woefully short of confidence for some reason...

* We need a commanding GK.  Its not necessarily that I thought Kepa was ‘at fault’ for the goals, but he doesn’t absolutely zero to relieve pressure off the defence at set pieces.  A top goalie punches some of those crosses away (or catches them if you’re Courtois!!) 

*With the exception of Pulisic, our play is way too slow and safe.  Too many touches and no one breaking the defensive lines and getting to the byline. 

*Pulisic can be as good as he wants to be. I’m talking world-class.  His ability to beat a player from nothing is scary.  Difference between him and Hazard is that Eden would  often turn it on and off, whereas Pulisic is constantly on. 

*Big decisions coming up for Frank now. Both in terms of personnel to finish the season, but also next season too.  We are desperate for a world class centre-back. 

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2 minutes ago, Whataloadofballacks said:

Interestingly both G Nev and Ashley Cole have heavily criticised Alonso for not getting back for their winner. More so than Rudiger.

I don't think either ever played as far forward up the pitch as Alonso is clearly encouraged to.  Azpi gets as far up but usually makes late runs rather than early thrusts.  Ivanovic played long periods in front of his winger while Ash sat more.

He is doing it as per instructions and so do a lot of PL FBs.
In this game we were going for the win late on - Bravo to WHU for having 3 players all well outside their own box while hanging on for a draw.
If you want to point fingers I think you should as what Kante and Azpi were doing when Christensen was dealing with 2 opponents.  That is why Rudiger was so far from the goalscorer that when he got into position at pace the guy was able to cut inside.


2 minutes ago, Holymoly said:

If anyone's interested, I know why we're shite at defending.

Pretty obvious really. I think Frank (and previous managers too, since Jose really) pays too much regard to defensive ability. Think back to 2012. Who were our central defenders? Cahill and DL, neither of whom were the fastest or the greatest defenders. What they were however was a presence in the box, both attacking and defending for corners and free kicks. They were towering figures who stood out purely through force of character.

Today we had Rudiger and Christensen. The former has all the characteristics to be that presence in the box but somehow the pieces just don't seem to come together, and the latter just comes across as a bit of a soft defender that can be easily bullied. You could argue that today's players are better defenders than Cahill and DL in open play but in the modern game that seems to be less important. How many times do we hide behind the sofa when we have to defend a corner or a freekick? It comes down not to defensive ability but to physical presence. If you have that it seems to feed through into other aspects of defensive football. At present we are a team devoid of any ability to operate in set plays and that means we are scared stiff of conceding these scenarios when in open play.

We need to find some hard as nails defenders, defensive ability not neccessarily a requirement.

Oh, and get a dependable GK while you're at it.

I think people read Rudiger wrong because he looks like a hard case Samuel Jackson.
Rather I think he is an ultra fast covering CB who can play.  Christensen with pace or Tomori but a few years older.
He is lightening quick, so fast that he has generally won his races long before anyone notices which means there is less contact in his game that say Cahill's.

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Just seen some stat showing saves by the keeper..Chelsea bottom by 7 only 56 saves..

but on the plus side 2nd on passing backwards..

conceded 47 goals in the league more then Brighton,palace and Newcastle

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Frank does not look a happy camper. 

Who'd be a manager? 

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Blue Rod   

We need to be realistic about what the new signings will give us. We can't sign a system of play, it has to be coached and nurtured by the manager. If Lampard want to and knows how to change this laboured and cowardly style of play, he doesn't need new signings just to do that. 

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28 minutes ago, Droy was my hero said:

Apparently I wasn't watching the same game as a lot of people, certainly not Gary Neville.
All in all we were pretty much the better side - more so than against Villa or Leicester.  4 games, 3 wins is about right for our last 4 performances.  No complaints that this one didn't go our way when 2 close games did.  
And last time WHU beat us twice in a season they got relegated - a good omen.  And we nicked Joe Cole and GJ cheap afterwards.

Willian was good - and there was a brilliant cross that RLC should have tapped in.
For 85 mins (all but start of H2) we were the stronger side.

The offside VAR was blatant - the striker kicked the ball into the guy on the floor and then put in the rebound.  VAR never showed the shot or Kepa because they had already decided that, they were only considering how far offside he was (plenty).

Their 2nd should also have not been given - Antonio blatantly dives when challenged by Rudiger and the ref just plays on - he should stop play and book him.  VAR should also call the dive and rule the goal our.

Pulisic was astar - I guess we all agree on that.

Quick question - say RM come back to us and say how about a straight swap:  Pulisic for Hazard?
What do you say?

The var decision was correct. Antonio played the ball while lying offside. End of story. Whether he was impeding Kepa is irrelevant.

Not only that but Soucek's head and shoulder were both offside as he got his shot in.

I was in disbelief that Gary Neville, Ashley and Collins missed that when looking at the replay.

Abysmal display and result. Like Ham I felt for ages this was a game we would lose.

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Instead of wasting 70 million on Chilwell just go and buy schmeichel and soyuncu from Leicester

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