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On 15/07/2020 at 7:59 PM, Ham said:

Happy to have been proven wrong. 

And then there were three. 


On 15/07/2020 at 8:48 AM, paulw66 said:

so let's break this down.........

1. yes, the odds will change. there is more than a fair chance that at least one of the chasing pack doesn't win their game in hand. Leicester look incapable of anything at the moment, United go to Palace, which is no gimme, and Burnley away for Wolves is no picnic either. Statistically, someone will drop points. 

2. With regards to Wolves themselves, I really don't think they are that good. Scored 48 goals all season, and if Jiminez doesn't score, they don't pose a huge threat. Good denesively, and well organised, but I don't see them winning 3 in a row. A quick glance, they have won 3 in a row twice this season, and both times that included playing two games against teams that occupy the current bottom 5. Their remaining 3 games are against 14, 10 and 3. Don't see 9 points there at all. 

3. Yes. I reckon we can knick a draw at Anfield. Reasons being are that we tend to look more comfortable against teams that come out and play. Our achilles heel has been against the low block.......think West Ham, Bournemouth, Southampton at home and again stuggling last night. Moreover Liverpool have nothing to play for, and they have been rotating their side, giving youth players a go. Playing Liverpool now is a different prospect to what it would have been in Jan or Feb

4. In terms of the last game, due to the points made above, I don't think Wolves will be able to qualify for the CL  but there is a good chance they have the EL in their pocket.  

So Wolves are done, now Leicester getting schooled at Spuds.

Think we will need 3 points now to guarantee CL irrespective of what happens elsewhere. Leicester and Man utd playing out a gentle 0-0 seems off the table anyway 

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