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48 minutes ago, Blue Rod said:

 Which means it is wrong for people to keep coming up with comments  like "no one could have saved that" every time Kepa lets in a goal. 

The debate won't go away, because rumours have it that we're on the hunt for a new keeper, which is surprising for some, given that Kepa has done so well in their eyes.

Let's forget the comparison with Willy for a minute. Kepa's save statistics suggests that if he were our keeper yesterday, we would have conceded at least one goal. 

Not the points I was trying to make......it's the extreme every time...."every time" ?......I'm all for blame where due..anywhere on the field....but Kepa is part of a defence problem..not all of it...opinions differ as to how culpable and that is a sound area to argue but I can't remember..certainly of late....anyone defending his form .....no one as far as I can see claims he has done well .... a promising buy that didn't work out....Drinkwater and Baka pretty much the same result but they could..and did...hide on the pitch..a keeper is under the spotlight all the time . A move for him is the right thing.

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