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Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

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Just now, The_Ghost said:

Frank has only himself to blame. Starting both Kepa and Christensen he’s asking for it. 

No attacking reinforcement in he world will counter starting those two. Utter ****. I want both of them out tomorrow morning! 

Twelve hours too long.

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Just now, Bridge Soldier said:

I know this thread is traditionally full of reactionary hysteria during a match but you'd think that four or five (likely) first team players out injured, being down to 10 for half the game and the fact that we're playing Liverpool would go some way towards dampening that...

I don't think it's that. I think the issue is that if you take a look on our bench we clearly have enough players to play a system when everyone fits. With all that going on that you've mentioned, surely Lamps would have known this isn't the game to play Mount, Kai and Werner all out of position? 352 would have easily fixed his position problems.

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