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Chelsea 6 Barnsley 0

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I thought Harvertz, Abraham and Mount played well. Barkley had good moments as well. Kova was trying to do too much at the start but he settled down.

On the critical side, there was a period in the first half when Emerson's first touch was terrible. Also, CHO needs to work on his decision-making. Too often he does not release the ball early enough by using the simple option but hangs onto it putting himself under pressure. If you want to pressurise defences you need to try to play one-touch. Also, I have a suspicion that attacking players do not bust a gut to get into the box when he has the ball because they know he is probably isn't going to cross it. Chilwell looked like expected - a player coming back from a serious injury.

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Cabs made two very good saves...the hand to the ball that was slipping through Silva in particular....great concentration and reaction....the long shot tip over of course... solid for most of the game and got away with the spill....the "lucky" versus "unlucky" keeper syndrome as it stands at the moment.

Cabs Emerson and Barkley showed how good they are at the Barnsley level...top players at that level that is.....Chilwell looked to want to be involved as opposed to easing in..Silva eased in and far too classy and experienced for lowly opposition early slip aside...the real work day games will be different.

Sort of game SFL needed to be able to watch players without too much worry about the result. CHO trying too hard not to make an error and not daring to let his "muse" flow..or maybe just following strict instructions?.

Wish I had watched Collins game a bit more closely but as ever more intent on the Chelsea performance.

Question....if that had been Kepa conceding those six goals what would have been the comments here?...not an "agenda" or trick question...just interested...







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