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Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

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OK..watched the game earlier..it's a lot easier watching a slim lead knowing the final score but it does mean the viewing focus is slightly different without worrying about a slip or silly equaliser.

I'm no great tactics analyst and tend to watch instinctively but clearly Chelsea were far too good for Newcastle and kept them on the back foot for most of the game apart from a brief flurry just before half time and late in the game.

The oppo keeper looked very solid and made two excellent saves, both deserving of a goal, early in the game that would probably have killed the game.  

Somewhat puzzled about the so called chip that failed...never looked like going in and would have been a freak if it had..the shot off the crossbar was exactly that...close but no kewpy doll, 

At halftime on my stream Robbie Earle stated that the next goal would decide the course of the game...sounds simple and a commentators cliche but as he put it.."Newcastle get one back and they think they can get something..Chelsea score and it's done and dusted".

Good result and points in the bag...position is less important than those points at this early stage.

Everyone worked hard and it's great to see two full backs balancing a back line.


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