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Chelsea 3 West Ham United 0

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1 hour ago, paulw66 said:

yes, at least he is not hiding away........

That is an understated but very important point. 


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1 hour ago, NoblyBobly said:

Yep, when you get that feeling he will miss every chance its Morata/Torres country. Although I do feel he will get through this..I never felt that way with the other two. 

Big question. Does FL keep playing him to play him in to form  or drop him? Personally , seeing the whole teams level of confidence drop in last 3 games I would remove him from the arena. Its not like he can feed of the others. Lets wait till we hit a bit of form and ease him back in. 

I say keep him in. He will come good. I agreed with you that I am more optimistic than Torres and Morata, especially with Werner's passionate body language after missing compared to those two. 

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