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Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

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3 minutes ago, Mark Kelly said:

And still Tyler is going , Caroll pushes Giroud and falls over , Tyler compares it to Lascelles pushing Werner , too ignorant in his bias to realise it was the Newcastle player doing the pushing on both occasions.

I hate him and his corruption.

Make sure you sign my petition then!

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3pts, 4th spot. 

That will do for me. 

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3 points. 2nd half was a bit zzzz. Into the top 4. Much bigger tests to come though. This has probably been our easiest run since November. The next few show us what this team is about. Hopefully Mendy is back  for the tougher games. 

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I guess we're going to be pretty boring for the rest of the season at least, but can live with that.

Nice to be 4th but it really doesn't mean much  beyond feeling nice just yet. If we get through the games against the teams around us while staying 4th, then we can say things are looking up.

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Werner....for me .... doesn't hide unlike a few we have had....works hard and seems to care....glad he scored and another nailed on penalty....he didn't go down easily for it and still went for the ball.

What is the point of var if we (not just Chelsea fans)can see things and the "officials" cannot?....

When fouls/penalties were missed by a ref it was part of the game and in a lot of cases due to the speed of the action or a bad angle with no clear view....now there is no excuse>>>>>

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44 minutes ago, Mark Kelly said:

Tyler more desperate for a Newcastle goal than Steve Bruce .

Yes, beyond irritating. Glad it wasn't just me 

42 minutes ago, Ham said:

Jeez SHOOT Callum. 

Yes.... He has bottled shooting so often

40 minutes ago, Bison said:

Can Reece James play that right sided CB role that Azpi is playing?

Interesting idea. Dave is looking leggy and his passing is ordinary

33 minutes ago, Ham said:

Kova needs a goal in this game because he's done everything else. 

Yes, class act.

29 minutes ago, GURJ SS said:

Werner was pushed, it was again a penalty.

Yup. Pretty clear cut, but the commentators said no, so var didn't bother 

29 minutes ago, Ham said:

Shut the F@@k up Martin Tyler!


20 minutes ago, Martin1905 said:

Goes to show how corrupt VAR is, they just go with whatever the commentators say and as they get to say what they like about Chelsea, we get **** on.

I had this conversation with a mate the other day... I am convinced var watch the game with commentary on. They should be watching in silence

20 minutes ago, Ham said:

Tyler has literally laughed at every foul on a Chelsea player

Yes, every time it was "soft" and not a foul...

8 minutes ago, Ham said:

Can't believe I'm so angry after a 2-0 win. 

Between Sky and VAR I'm totally p1ssed off. 

It's beyond corrupt. I was convinced they were going to get a late dubious penalty 

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