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16 minutes ago, Droy was my hero said:

Sure.  I'm the last person to put Osgood down, but he was a great player, not an amazing goal scorer, like say Tambling or Greaves or Hasselbaink.
Part of that was Hutchinson was alongside him so he could drop back a bit and play, and part was because we weren't so great in some seasons.

As I said..a scorer of huge goals.

A good summing up of Ossie Droy...as you say..he could "play" and was more than a goal scorer...but the OT goal still has me on my feet and roaring after all these years.

A story I heard....no reason to believe it or not believe it....a "difficult" customer in his pub..in Windsor?..was taken outside by the Man and "sorted out" one on one....that sounds like Ossie even if it isn;t a factual event.

"Print The Legend"


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I remember Osgood as a player and he could be infuriating. A bit like the way we used to criticise Drogba on the occasions when he didn't turn up. Both were big game players and they left it to others to do the donkey work. Osgood rarely chased balls that weren't played to him, to the point I remember in a match against West Ham he actually ran and stopped a ball going out for a goal kick which was so out of character that the commentator actually remarked on it.

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