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2 hours ago, Droy was my hero said:

His Dad's name I gather is George Cole which I think is just brilliant.  Are you Dennis Waterman then?

Haha. His dad ran a fruit and veg stall in Camden and Joe used to help out every Sunday morning even after he became a professional footballer.

I do have a Denis Waterman story though. I was in the shed end next to the west stand benches on they day they recorded an episode of Minder. I was part of the large group who sang " Terry is a *anker" every time they said "action".  It took them 90 minutes to get about 5 seconds of usable footage. 


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I will be at the San Siro on Sunday watching Milan - Cagliari.

Full scouting update on Bakayoko incoming. 

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Under-18s: Chelsea 0-2 Tottenham HotspurPosted By chelseayouth on April 10, 2019

For a season at least, Chelsea have had to surrender their title as the undisputed Kings of the Under-18 Premier League South. Whether it’s Arsenal or Tottenham who official dethrone them at the end of the month, it will be entirely on merit, as Spurs showed with a battling but ultimately comfortable 2-0 win at Cobham on Wednesday lunchtime.


So my 2 questions to those that know much more about the Youth than I do, are

  • What has changed that we are no longer the best?  And is it recent - or does it start as early as getting the best Under 8s ten years ago
  • Does not having a league winning squad affect the real task of getting talent good enough to start for the first team?  Does it even help?


PS thanks again to Juni for his sterling coverage.

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