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  2. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    It might be because Stones and Laporte are injured and Mendy is suspended. He might feel that playing a stronger back line is a risk.
  3. Media / Press

    I hadn't. Mainly it's because I haven't been to a home game this season, yet. The TV tends to focus on the centre circle at that time. I don't tend to watch the players much before it starts anyway.
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  5. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    In the bigger, tougher games, why not. Could see it happening away in Europe or away at City for example. Haven't had time to read all the posts, but I noticed after Sunday's goals were scored by Silva, Kante and Rudiger, we have now had 10 different league goal scorers in our first 5 games. I'd love to know if this is a record. Has a team ever had 10 different scorers in a quicker time frame? I can't imagine so. Maybe the oppo are so concerned marking the front 3, it leaves so much space for others.
  6. Media / Press

    Watch everyone say we’re “racist” now. 🙄🧨
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  8. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    This was the team he put out - so definitely a much weaker defence, but the midfield and attack weren’t the kids - in fact, KDB, Mahrez, Foden and Sterling all played 90 mins which is interesting.
  9. @myrcosoftje13 😂

  10. Media / Press

    Alonso hasn't taken the knee once this season. Have people only just noticed?
  11. Media / Press

    The NHS is no longer unambiguously good anymore though. Ask anyone trying to visit their GP. I'm not knocking NHS workers, but the story is cloudy now.
  12. A Driving Force

    My first car was a 1970's Ford Consul in the late '80's you had to work a miracle just to get the bloody thing to move! Nowadays I have a Ford Focus Titanium, which gets me from A to B but I'll be getting rid of it soon because of he extension of the ULEZ zone. Fondly remember old cars my dad and uncles used to drive, Triumph Acclaims/Dolomites, Morris Oxford's Austin Cambridges, Opel Ascons's/Mpnza's, boy time flies and makes me feel old!
  13. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    It's the sensible option , City must be down to their last eighty first team squad players now , makes sense to keep them fresh and send the kids out !
  14. Media / Press

    This is just it.........everyone is too afraid to stop. QPR tried, and got pelted, even though they could point to their own club being more diverse and inclusive than most. The natural point to stop would have been the end of the 2019/20 season, at the end of the post lockdown games. We don't clap for the NHS any more. Doesn't mean we aren't grateful for the work those doctors and nurses did / do.
  15. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Pep has already said that they will be sending the kids out to play Wycombe so we can't really afford to play too many regulars in this game, especially as we will have a day less recovery. Hopefully Villa will make plenty of changes too though seeing as they have Manure at the weekend. I can see Ross Barkley getting a game here.
  16. Media / Press

    Am I the only one watching with a jaundiced eye the TT media almost luvfest regarding the game shattering absolute mark of a football genius substitution at half time at Spurs? That a player was off form and..goodness switched with a world class player reeks of a higher coaching ability than anyone on the Planet Football....swoon. My thoughts are "THEY" are rubbing their hands at the weekend game..the clash..Pep reborn if Chelsea lose....or further B/s**t if City lose.....a thought free headline weekend!
  17. If you have some foreign money left over that you're looking to convert back into GBP, let us buy it back from you…

  18. Media / Press

    That makes more sense than a "never discussed" scenario.....a group of sort of adults working close together and nothing "mentioned"?.....
  19. Media / Press

    Sensible to do, yes. It puts a lot of pressure on his team mates though, when they are asked what they said to Alonso when it was discussed. Either way, I reckon saying it was not discussed is the smart option.
  20. Media / Press

    I am interested to see what the mainstream reaction to this will be. The temptation to frame Alonso and Chelsea as "racist" must be huge for most news outlets given it is content people will want to read, but any such content would be very difficult to write and frame without throwing the likes of Zaha under the bus and risking a backlash. I think I said at the time it started that taking the knee (which I broadly support) was going to cause a PR headache at some point. It can't go on forever (or can it?) and it's not going to outlast racism, so at some point some players and clubs are going to stop and risk a lot of stick. My thoughts here ... I'm glad the club (presumably) haven't tried to force the issue on Alonso, but I do wonder if discussing it with the rest of the team, and especially the black players, beforehand might have been more sensible.
  21. Media / Press

    Alonso - I'm curious how this came out. It seems he has been not kneeling since the start of the season, just touching his BLM logo (or whatever it is) on his sleeve to show respect. It feels like Chelsea tried not to comment, but now have put the story out on the official site to pre-empt more critical reports. Metro / McManaman. I think if you ask an ex-Liverpool player to comment on the top three in the prem, you can't blame him for coming up with a rationale to back the two that have done well in recent years. At least it is an argument that contains some commonsense (ie McManaman and not Carragher or worse). I'd expect Pat Nevin to say something that favoured Chlsea The question isn't why McManaman wrote the piece that way, but why so many Liverpool ex-players get columns, most of them having far less acumen than McManaman.
  22. Media / Press

    Good, just because he isn't taking the knee doesn't make him a racist, Zaha refuses to do it and John Barnes has said the same. in other matters it makes you wonder how they allow certain people to get air time, this is so bias it's untrue.
  23. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    One thing, don't just give this game away, we need to win to keep the momentum going, just because we have city Saturday doesn't mean make eleven changes as we've seen before too many changes in one game isn't the way to go, protect Silva,Kante, Lukaku and kepa if we think Mendy won't be fit for city,players can get injured in training and they can't be tired already.Villa will see this as their only chance of silverware, so expect them to play their strongest team, they have no European football, and won't get relegated
  24. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    completely forgot about Sarr
  25. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Kepa James Chalobah Sarr Chilwell Ziyech RLC Barkley Saul CHO Werner
  26. New Stadium Plans

    that is impressive! Such a shame it can't be built (in real life). Such a difference to your bog standard bowl of a stadium (cough cough Spuds)
  27. Dhe players kandam vazhi odunnu. Literally. Objective: Avoid injury. #KBFC

  28. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    The league cup is still a trophy, so we have to go out with the aim to win this tie while at the same time not overextending some of the main guys. I’d go with; Arrizabalaga Chalobah Christensen Azpilicueta Hudson-Odoi Saul Kovacic Chilwell Ziyech Werner RLC Havertz, Mount, Lukaku, Jorginho, Rudiger and Kante should be nowhere near the starting XI. I guess one could argue James comes in at RWB and Hudson-Odoi playing LW. But that’s about it.
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