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  2. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2 Good old DM. Still printing the unsayable things that no one else dare print.
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  4. If we can keep it up against Arsenal Leicester and Villa. Those last two games are going to be very tough, especially if we beat Leicester in the FA cup 3 days earlier, or if our 4th place looks comfortable. Since TT arrived.
  5. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    We can get at them just as well as they can to us. ''B TEAM'' or no ''B TEAM''. These two sides are based on system rather than individuals, doesn't really matter who plays because everyone can swap in for one another. A slip of a boot, a referee decision, an extra yard or two, that's gonna be the difference.
  6. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Not quite as dramatic as "Demba Ba " day but very satisfying...delaying the inevitable and to Chelsea's gain. Sterling is such a whiner and cheat....puts it about but can't take it back.....looking for a penalty the second Zouma's shadow got close to him......another satisfying..and unsung top moment in the game was the awesome Zouma tackle in the area on Sterling. me anyway, correct me if I'm wrong....was the lack of panic on the field from Chelsea even after going 1-0 down. The penalty farce?....IF..always the IF....Mendy had commited himself totally one way or another the penalty would have been hailed as "scornful" "with aplomb"..a "master touch" and on and it was Mendy made Aquerro look a d******d.....and wound up Pep ahead of his ultimate meltdown at the end. So much more to be harvested from a game than just joy at a victory!
  7. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Lovely comment on MOTD: “there’s a lovely blue moon behind a cloud’. shame our little cloud rained on their parade.
  8. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    I bet Manure won’t be resting their players now like Solskjaer said
  9. With a team on a run of bad form...
  10. From a standing start, halfway through a season.
  11. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    or Pep knows we have their number and realises TT is a better tactician than he is
  12. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Great win but I'm definitely that much more convinced that they'll get their revenge in the final. Let's hope not though. We've beat them twice recently, we can do it again.
  13. The way TT went to all the players at the final whistle and the response from the players to him speaks volumes.
  14. Achievements aside I feel he just fits with the Chelsea DNA. Even more than any of our previous managers in the RA era. Positive, humble, energetic and highly ambitious.
  15. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Fit or not I believe James has to start. Dave would get targeted a lot by their speedy wingers. Stunned we won that without Jorginho and Mount starting. Massive credit to the team. Ziyech with a stunningly good shot. Also great sub by TT bringing on CHO. Kante exposed that right flank and TT brought on the right player to take advantage of it (ie the more technically dangerous player). also I really am loving Werner and his attitude. Guy is a warrior. Truly the best comparison is Drogba mentality wise. Completely different players but deep inside they look very similar.
  16. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    After today's result giving us a buffer, would make big changes ahead of the cup final.
  17. 35 points from 16 games. 83 point season.
  18. Got to be honest, I was sceptical when he was appointed as I knew very little about him or his methods but what he has done with this squad is truly remarkable. A CL and an FA cup final already, it certainly bodes well for next season. He also comes across as a very down to earth and humble bloke when interviewed.
  19. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Can we make 2nd? Raise your arm if you in January set your savings on: Chelsea finish top 4 + FA cup final + Champions league finale I didn't and I regret from here to eternity :)
  20. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Smashing second half that.
  21. As everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Jose and Conte , but this guy is incredible , such a happy ship , everyone knows their part . If we'd had him from the off we'd be up there with City. Thanks to Frank who remains a legend in my eyes but TT is another level .
  22. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Spot on. I thought I was the only one who felt this way.
  23. Unbelievable stuff.... What this guy has done is just brilliant
  24. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    but you are not so you should also be thinking we are in with a big chance
  25. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    I don't. If I was a Citeh fan I'd be going "third time lucky".
  26. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    It would have been less biased. Fingers crossed 🤞 I like this attitude. Could Billy be 2021's Ryan Bertrand?
  27. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Tell me about it. He couldn't wait to initiate and feel any contact so he could go down. Anthony Taylor having already given them one soft pk, thankfully wasn't in the mood to award another softy.
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