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    If Only players at Chelsea...current...If Only Silva had been here in his prime (yesterday!)..If Only Ossie hadn't broken his leg (Thanks E, Hughes) and lost a tad of pace..by his own admittance.. Over to you guys........
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    I consider Jorginho a recycler not a playmaker as such...very good at what he does but never quite the killer pass in his tool box. The problem is still not Jorginho in front of goal..or rather the taking of chances....as I mentioned somewhere else,,great goal from Kova,,,but when did he last contribute with a goal?.....no one is racking up any sort of total...... No one is frightening the defenses....the "keeping them honest" scenario.. I get a split screen image of two games.. Hazard on one side.and Lukaku on the other...Hazard is having one of his less attentive games..a "Did I turn off the iron?..and what was it the missus asked me to pick up on the way home?" left wing wandering....on the other Lukaku is forever pointing but not moving and laying off the odd ball that comes to him...meanwhile the oppo defence is watching Hazard like chickens watch circling hawks whilst Lukaku's lot are getting on with the main business waiting for him to turn up in their area of responsibility before worrying about him....Eden settles his questions..realises he is on the pitch...picks up a wayward pass...bursts along the edge of the area..plants the ball in the bottom left corner and Chelsea are one up........Lukaku finally sees the ball where he has pointed to...he lumbers forward...the nearest defender strolls over and claims the ball...knocks a long ball forward that bounces cruelly for the Chelsea defence and a non scoring long term player pounces on the ball and Chelsea go 0-1 after 79% of the ball. An Old Geezer's ramblings?.....let me know how many of you can relate to the above!
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    Absolutely. I think the immediate dynamic uplift when Mount and CHO came on at City was quite marked and Havertz is our No1 centre forward now.
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    We were too of the table when Chilwell wasn't even in the side, so you are basically saying that James is the difference between us challenging for the title and being where we are now. I would add that James form had gone off the boil before he got injured. We are not in contention because the problems we have had for a long time now - lacking in midfield and up front. Simple as! Until we find some genuine creative talent in midfield and top class players up front, then we won't win or seriously challenge for the league no matter who the manager is! As for fully backing TT? I ask who we could get who is any better? Pep and Klopp are clearly the top two in the world. After those two it has to be the likes of TT and Conte, so what would be the point in looking for another manager any time soon? We're a good way off from winning the titlle and there's no quick fix because the kind of players we need are already at top clubs and will be almost impossible for us sign. In the meantime, what we shouldn't be doing is throwing crap loads at players who are clearly not going to take us to title winning levels just because we can't sign anyone else. Dembele is the latest player we are linked with who we shouldn't go anywhere near. Rice at £100 would be another appalling waste of money. Hiring better scouts would be a good start, along with giving TT a few years to make the changes that need to be made.
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    I think they're trying to catch the wild horses required to drag him away from Florence.
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    Lukaku wants to go back to Italy twice
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    What's the 3rd one? 😉
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    100%. Plus we have no real idea of why Mount or Havertz didn't start. My guess is that neither was fully fit. TT had been criticised for his selections. The fitness fallout from Covid is likely to continue throughout most of the season but neither the press nor the fan critics will want to factor that in. I'm genuinely hopeful for the future of this group once TT has had a couple of windows to clear out some deadwood.
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    Match result: dissapointed but not surprised We just have to move on.
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    Why can you only blame the injuries for so long? Surely you can blame them for as long as we have an issue with them? Take TAA and Robertson out of that Liverpool team for a few months whilst asking them to constantly have to rotate the CBs week on week because of injuries and covid and then force their midfield 3 to play with injuries and not fully fit for about 2 months… how do you think they’d get on? And would that be Klopps fault? If you can’t see how well this team has done to get through this injury/covid crisis whilst remaining in all cup competitions and within the top 3, then I’m not sure you’ll ever understand why some of us are fully backing Tuchel.
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    This is part of what I was trying to get to when I said they’re not really a proper club. It’s hard to explain, but they just feel a bit, well, pointless. They don’t really have a rivalry anywhere, even Man United just dislike them, but it’s not really a rivalry, as much as Sky would like us to believe it is. It just feels like a new side put together in short burst, rather than a club built up over time. Some will say we were/are the same, but for me we are very different clubs.
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    We get Chilly and James back fit , everyone else playing without carrying injuries in their favoured position and we're a match for anyone , especially if we have TT at the helm . He's been the difference and personally I apportion no blame to him for our current malaise . We were flying before the key injuries and would have been afforded some rest if the league wasn't worried about us leaving to play in the World Championships.
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    No it isn't! Mendy and Rudi are as good as City's first choice. Chilwell and Cancelo about even. James and Walker about even. No way Jorginho or Kovacic start for City. Kante used as a starter for certain games. Don't think Mount would be a regular first choice either, but would get some starts. CHO. Ziyech. Pulisic. Lukaku. Havertz. Werner, would struggle to make their bench. Pep would never sign players lacking technical ability like Lukaku or Werner do
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    Nice long rest for this one. Brighton had a home game on the Friday, and we had an away game on Saturday.... Result, this game is Tuesday, not Wednesday
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