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    I think once the dust settles on this season were going to find that we've had countless players playing carrying injury , coming back before fully recovered from injury and illness etc. I think Tuchel is doing the best he possibly can considering he's still not signed anyone , word is we're now trying to sign Perisic from Inter Milan who's 32 , I expect that ones down to Conte again.
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    Well said mate. Some people stun me with their attitude. They don't deserve this club, this coach, this owner or this team. Yes (before somebody tells me) everybody has a right to voice their opinion - but some opinions make me wonder why anybody bothers.
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    You admit they had far more chances. How is that reflected in your stats? It's not, so let's just ignore it shall we?. The game is played on the field Droy not on an Excel spreadsheet. Much as I'd like to ignore your meaningless drivel, it's hard when you're omnipresent and keep shouting everyone else down. Football must be like watching the matrix for you, a neverending waterfall or ones and zeros. It's a shame you can't assess a game with words without recourse to highly subjective quack stats and pass them off as the proof of your opinion.
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    I’m disappointed with the result today, but it is a ridiculously strong Man City side, so I’m not going to go over the top in my criticism of the team or some of the players. Thay said, Ziyech and a Pulisic were really poor today, Pulisic never got into the game and Ziyech was just really very poor. I said before the game it was the wrong selection and that they both had a big game ahead to prove the faith shown in them and unfortunately as they often do, they disappointed. Also, Ziyech seemed to lose all over today. Lukaku, I’ve no idea what we do with him to be honest. He is playing like I feared he would. His touch has not improved since when he was last in the PL, he is often static and when he does get the ball that he needs, it takes far too long for him to force the attack forward. He strikes me as a player who needs the perfect pass or it just won’t come off. Kepa I thought did well when needed, the goal I’m not sure he can be blamed for. Would Mendy have saved it? Maybe, we’ll never know, but KDB hits it so hard and true that Kepa had to try and anticipate to some extent… I’d KDB goes to the other corner, we’re celebrating a great Kepa save. Rudiger, good. Kova, good. Sarr, decent effort. Alonso, shaky start, recovered well, but we need someone competing with him for that role. Kante did ok, but was one of his more erratic games. Biggest disappointment for me was probably the manager. He got the team selection wrong and he took far too long to adjust it. Mount should have been on at HT and I’d have got Havertz on shortly after that too. Regardless of whether it was Lukaku being poor or the service not right, Havertz would have been a better option today. Anyway, we move on, plenty of games coming up and chances to win trophies.
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    Actually think Sarr has done well today
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    So, here's an interesting statistic. In the almost 12 months that TT has been in charge, he was won more away games at Spurs, than Spurs have at Stamford Bridge since 1986. Drink it in.
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    still waiting for the apology.
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    Absolutely. I think the immediate dynamic uplift when Mount and CHO came on at City was quite marked and Havertz is our No1 centre forward now.
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    We were too of the table when Chilwell wasn't even in the side, so you are basically saying that James is the difference between us challenging for the title and being where we are now. I would add that James form had gone off the boil before he got injured. We are not in contention because the problems we have had for a long time now - lacking in midfield and up front. Simple as! Until we find some genuine creative talent in midfield and top class players up front, then we won't win or seriously challenge for the league no matter who the manager is! As for fully backing TT? I ask who we could get who is any better? Pep and Klopp are clearly the top two in the world. After those two it has to be the likes of TT and Conte, so what would be the point in looking for another manager any time soon? We're a good way off from winning the titlle and there's no quick fix because the kind of players we need are already at top clubs and will be almost impossible for us sign. In the meantime, what we shouldn't be doing is throwing crap loads at players who are clearly not going to take us to title winning levels just because we can't sign anyone else. Dembele is the latest player we are linked with who we shouldn't go anywhere near. Rice at £100 would be another appalling waste of money. Hiring better scouts would be a good start, along with giving TT a few years to make the changes that need to be made.
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    I think they're trying to catch the wild horses required to drag him away from Florence.
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    Lukaku wants to go back to Italy twice
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    What's the 3rd one? 😉
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    100%. Plus we have no real idea of why Mount or Havertz didn't start. My guess is that neither was fully fit. TT had been criticised for his selections. The fitness fallout from Covid is likely to continue throughout most of the season but neither the press nor the fan critics will want to factor that in. I'm genuinely hopeful for the future of this group once TT has had a couple of windows to clear out some deadwood.
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    This is part of what I was trying to get to when I said they’re not really a proper club. It’s hard to explain, but they just feel a bit, well, pointless. They don’t really have a rivalry anywhere, even Man United just dislike them, but it’s not really a rivalry, as much as Sky would like us to believe it is. It just feels like a new side put together in short burst, rather than a club built up over time. Some will say we were/are the same, but for me we are very different clubs.
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    We get Chilly and James back fit , everyone else playing without carrying injuries in their favoured position and we're a match for anyone , especially if we have TT at the helm . He's been the difference and personally I apportion no blame to him for our current malaise . We were flying before the key injuries and would have been afforded some rest if the league wasn't worried about us leaving to play in the World Championships.
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    Imho, our form has been scratchy all season. Some good/very good performances, along with very average and some poor ones too. Too many completely ignored the fact that our defenders were not only defending very well but week after week they were also scoring crucial goals that won us games. Top of the table with our defenders as our top scores was always going to be unsustainable. Once their goals dried up, so wins turned into draws and draws into losses and here we are now with another season gone by without a title challenge ☹️
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    Actions speak louder than words and his words were those of someone who says what he said was taken out of context , but his actions weren't . Nobody , is that bad unless they're doing it to make a point . He can rot in the stiffs until we can find someone stupid enough to halve our losses , I don't want him anywhere near the first team squad .
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    He turned up to a club with a great core including the likes of Kompany, David Silva, De Bruyne, Yaya Toure, Raheem Sterling and Aguero and then immediately spent 170m. How did he do? Finished 3rd in the league and out of the CL at the round of 16. Next summer he spends another 255m. Of course they would be a machine by his second season. Guardiola is obviously a good coach but be serious. Some of Tuchel's best players are kids from Cobham. Our big money signings score 4-6 league goals a season and barely look like footballers most of the time. Have you just woken up from a coma? We signed two players: 1) an out of contract 3rd choice goalkeeper and 2) a striker that genuinely cannot control the ball. How did you think we'd look adding that to the team that finished 19 points off the Champions the previous season?
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    Blows my mind how quickly some on here turn on the manager. Ignoring everything we’ve had to deal with this season (injuries, covid, fixture congestion whilst others get breaks, Lukaku’s interview) and all the while has us top 3 in the league (against 2 of the most dominant sides we’ve seen in the PL), In the final of the LC, still in CL & FA cup and reigning CL champions. He’s also only had one signing since being here. Sure, we’re in a rough patch, but that’s what it is, a rough patch and one one that coincided with us losing a key player for the remainder of the season and a whole bunch of other injuries. We’ve almost got all our hardest league fixtures out the way now, so it’s very possible we can put together a strong run of victories… then what will everyone say about him? Comparing Tuchel’s Chelsea to Pep’s Man City is all but pointless, different scenarios, different set ups, different spending, totally different situations. Also, Pep in his 6 years still hasn’t won the CL! Im not suggesting we don’t have any problems, but the speed in which some of your turn on a manager is laughable. If you can’t see how well he’s done at our club then I’m not going to try and convince you.
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    Across this and the next transfer window: Alonso, Barkley, Lukaku, Ziyech, and possibly Loftus-Cheek.
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    Guardiola took over a squad already featuring the likes of David Silva, Aguero, De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Yaya Toure etc and then spent 918m on top of those players.
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    A very tough away game and a narrow defeat was the most we deserved. We were not very good but we were not embarrassed. We were up against it with no Mendy, James, Chilwell, Christensen or Chalobah plus a half-fit Kanté, and less than 72 hours since the Spuds semi. Better finishing and even average attacking play might have earned a better result. I was pleased to hear Tuchel's post-match comments about Lukaku's failings. He's given him every chance to redeem himself since his interview, and he has not repaid that faith. He can have no complaints if Tuchel now just uses him off the bench, so in many ways today might prove useful if Tuchel is now clearer about the resources he has to work with. Havertz offers superior workrate, mobility and pressing, and links up far better with the other players. And his goal output is not vastly inferior to what Lukaku has brought. Brighton is another huge game. It's great that we will have a day less than them to prepare. Anyone spotting a pattern here?
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    I agree. To add, TT has brought in ONE player (and I’m not even sure that was his choice) Man ****** had a week to prepare
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    Which apparently he did and was advised Pep would require ten new players . No wonder he said no seeing the last ten players they've bought .
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    It's easy to say somebody is the better coach when they manage a super squad, full of technically gifted and athletic players in every single position x2. They chop and change at will and the level never ever drops. If Tuchel had that Man City squad he'd be running away with the league too. Would Guardiola have won the CL last season with Chelsea's squad? Never in a million years. Guardiola wouldn't touch the current Chelsea squad with a barge-pole, even if Roman offered him all the money in the world.
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    What none of us know is the full extent of the injuries we're carrying and to whom . We can complain about the starting line up all we like but these may be half fit or unfit players we are being forced to play when they aren't at their best whilst everyone else gets a rest . Also , why someone thinks it's funny to tie Lukakus boots together in the tunnel before kick off is beyond me
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    Different game today with a front three of Hudson-Odoi, Havertz, Mount IMO
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    This game exposed a lot of truth about our current situation. To me, none of it is new. For all his abilities, Tuchel lacks attacking ideas. I expect a lot of flak for it, just the last time I said it. When we win the ball, we seem to freeze. This happens even on the edge of opponents 18 yd box. There is no transition. It is the same every match, and no matter who plays. Playing it back or sideways seems the default position. And yet, your best chance of unsettling your opponent is the second after their attack breaks down. This is a fundamental, almost non-remediable flaw in Tuchel's approach. There is another way; you win the ball, and immediately go on the offensive and leave half your opponent team running towards their own goal and behind the ball. Still we could have even won this match if not for the next problem I'm going to write about. Our signings over the past 3 years; in fact, since Emenalo left, have been awful. Lukaku doesn't even look like a £40m player, never mind £100m, £325k/week player. Werner is on £270k a week. I can think of 10 better PL players on 40k/week. I don't think Havertz would have done any better. Ziyech was only ever a one trick pony. If he can't find the time to hit his diagonal pass, then you are left with a very average player. Kepa actually took a step to his right after the shot has been played. Only he knows what he saw. And we are talking about the world's most expensive keeper. None of Kepa, Pulisic, Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, Lukaku is worth the money we spent on them, I'm afraid. The reason even interim managers did so well was because we had made good signings. I think we've gone off the rail with our signings over the past three or four seasons. We seem to be obsessed with playing the ball amongst ourselves. It gives us the illusion of being in control. I'm not the least impressed by it. If we cannot break down a team after they have just lost the ball, what chance have we to break them down when they are back into shape? If Tuchel doesn't change something in the way we play, I worry for his future past next season.
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    Surely someone should lodge a complaint. It’s a farce
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    We were never in it in truth,but we were never under siege - it says to me we are close - a player or two will make all the difference - chin up.
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    Shall we just win the CL again, to really piss City off?
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    How much longer TT.? Ziyech OFF
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    She’s back! Happy new year Jane!
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    Mean't kindly..out of the mouths of babes.....hope you are right....plus you and Ham what are you doing up this late at night?.....and......you remind me so much of the young chara with your Chelsea loyalty...a pleasure to read your views and your excellent video postings....a credit to us "Old Geezers?!
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    I do. He was rubbish when he played for us.
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    I don't even think the challenge outside the box was a foul by Rudi. He got the ball.
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    Sarr was ready for Los Celso's sh*t housery and he couldn't cope. Lovely.
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    If I'm playing this game Lo Celso is needing a stretcher
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    Go 2-0 up on the night, and he can have a run at LWB I guess.
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    No....from the Universe..but then I AM a softy....(For Khobar with a smile.)
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    Spot on. There's a reason recovery is 'One Day At A Time' whether you've been sober for 10 days or 10 years. A few years ago, I went to an event that Alan Brazil was at though and judging by what I saw, he probably views anyone that doesn't sit and drink heavily as boring. My Dad was with me and looked at him and said to me something like "He's a walking heart attack. Hard to imagine that he was a professional sportsman isn't it"
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    Meanwhile Leicester get their game delayed, despite a chunk of their absentees being down to the AFCON. It's a right mess, TBH.
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    Yes, now that you mention it we do have exact form and experience for this scenario with the Porto 2nd leg last year.
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    Can Arsenal losing at Forest even be called an upset? It feels routine now.
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    Sadly someone very close to Roman has been sharing his innermost thoughts with a Catalan news outlet. Shame.
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    Best thing that could happen IMO - Mane, Keita and the other guy come back knackered from the ACN and immediately get told to put their boots on - they are playing a LC CF against Arsenal on Tuesday, and another on Thursday. And then another game has to be moved to mid-week to make room for the final. In one month, March, they'll be out of cup, CL, LC and PL. Lets get as many games as possible over and done with while we can. And there is no point moaning that opponents have had more rest than us, because if we postpone to later in the month you can guarantee they'll be even more fresh than we are.