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    Wasn't sure where to put this, but on my way home on Saturday, I ran into Colin Pates boarding the same train at Clapham Junction. I thought he may have remembered me because he taught football at my school in my last two years, in 98/99, but alas, the fairly useless, chubby footballer didn't stick in his memory, and it was 20+ years ago. Anyway, me and my mate (who is roughly Pates' age) had a really interesting chat with him. The club have really looked after people like him (his words) by giving them jobs doing hospitality etc on match days. Interestingly, he was saying his generation were probably the last that will ever do it, because they need the money. He was chatting to Dennis Wise about it recently, but when he told him what he was earning from it, Wise suddenly became disinterested. Forget the modern day players and what they will retire with. We reminisced about the 80s (largely the two of them, that was a bit before my era). He spoke with sadness about Kerry's battle with booze, which was a follow up to talking about Ray Wilkins. Couple of funny stories about Bates being difficult with money and broken promises, particularly regarding bonus payments and the full members cup win. The biggest take away for me, was that he was genuinely pleased that we took the time to talk with him. I think the modern players get so much exposure, and recognition, they don't like being bothered, but we did ask him, and he said he loved reminiscing with fans, and most of the players of his generation would say the same. So, I would say, if you see an ex Chelsea pro of that generation and you are wondering whether or not to say hello, I would say, do it. Was a nice end to a good day.
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    As some of you may know, over the past 2 years we have had a problem with people trying to register on here to become members. We have been trying to remedy this but with no co-operation from those who now own the site we didn't get very far. Knowing he worked in the digital industry we asked Sam (My Blood Is Blue) to take a look at the issues and see if he could help us. He kindly agreed and I'm pleased to say that with his expert knowledge and know-how we may have solved the problem. 2 new members (welcome VA96 and Nathan ng) have recently registered and we are hopeful that more will follow. To any guests who have been trying to register over this period of time, we apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope you will come back and try again. We should also just add that we are no longer showing how many guests are online in the bottom blue bar. Without going into the full technical reasons, this is for the good of the forum. There are always quite a lot of guests browsing at any one time but you just won't be able to see the actual number. I will keep you updated with any relevant information and many thanks to Sam for his invaluable help.
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    My view of Chilly's goal:
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    Good to hear you have kept in touch with James Prescott. Send him our best wishes.
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    Wish I could have been watching it anywhere else than where I was. My plan was to watch it alone at home so I could concentrate , swear and scratch my nuts if I wanted. Mrs N would be in the background, wandering in and out, feeding me beer and making the appropriate noises when something happened. But oh no. 15 minutes before the game its announced that "Sally and Andy are coming round to watch because they are too tight to pay for BT sport". Sally is a 'rugby girl'. She spent the whole game telling me what wooses football players are compared to rugby players, and asking why a player who had just got a yellow card hasn't gone to the sin bin. Andy knows fec all about anything but claimed to be a neutral hoping for a good game. I suspect Andy was secretly hoping for a City win because as he sat on my sofa eating my snacks and drinking my beer, he was making all the noises of someone rooting for the opposition. I was fairly restrained during the game but when the final whistle went I exploded. The beer and snacks went all over the place, the language was appalling, I was shaking my fist at the TV. I let them know what football means to a true supporter. Sally and Andy wondered off down the garden path looking a bit shell shocked. Good. Fec off and don't come back.
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    Mike Dean, Andre Marriner.... Your boys took one hell of a beating!
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    I know this is the Villa thread, but I managed to get tickets for the Liverpool game yesterday :D So excited. I have been checking the Ticket Exchange for literally a month non-stop, nothing has ever come up, returns came on sale but I am nowhere near the loyalty points. Last night I just took a stab in the dark after getting home from the cinema and there was one in the MHL and then refreshed and another seat right next to it came up. I imagine the person selling their tickets literally was doing it at the same time as I clicked on the site. Christmas miracle.
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    Despite you being better qualified. Amazing.
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    What an appalling 2nd half performance………..from the CFCnet site.
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    Agree. If Werner is on any kind of roll we need to try and keep that momentum going. You cannot fault his work rate or attitude but if he needs to make transition from ugly duckling to swan it needs to be soon. I think he's paddling hard enough but we need to see the plumage.
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    I'm a bit surprised to see both of them, but I actually welcome it. I think both have something to offer. I'm sorry, I thought there was a vague suggestion that 4th place was none of Lampards doing. Glad you appreciate at least that. Actually it was more than enough. We all suspected it might not last that long. He was not so much a Mr Right as a Mr Right Now. The circumstances for his hiring were perfect. The arguments against his appointment were largely based on forum members not wanting to see a Chelsea legend lose that legend status and have his name dragged through the mud. Well they were wrong and you were wrong. His name will still be chanted every time he returns to this ground. He still has tremendous respect because he tried his very best in very very difficult circumstances (as he always did as a player) ...first season transfer ban, loss of key player, second season Covid situation. And he didn't quit like Sarri. That first season saw some of the best football I have seen here in a long time. Opposition fans for the first time in my life were coming up and saying they really respected what Lampard was trying to do on the pitch. And a 4th place which eventually enabled to a CL triumph. That fact really sticks in your throat doesn't it? But the backlog of Hazard money sitting in our bank account had to be spent the next season. And so it was...on Chilwell , Werner, Havertz and Ziyech. A £200m ball and chain of expectation. There were no excuses now. Havertz caught covid and then looked dreadful for months, Ziyech mooched around now and again putting in a good inswinging cross from the right hand side, and Werner couldn't score from 3 yards. And he had chance after chance after chance. He alone, if he had looked like a pro footballer could have saved Lampards bacon. Now you once famously said when things were going well for Lampard at the start of that season, that it was nothing to do with Lampards coaching as these type of players didn't need coaching. Then when 50 mill players can't score from 3 yards its all about the terrible coaching. Well which is it? I like Tuchel. he's a better more experienced coach than Lampard for sure....a bit defensive, a bit attack shy and conservative but a good coach. But Tuchel has now got the addition of a 100m forward...the missing piece of the jigsaw. We were the hot tips to win this title. Now the pressure is on him. That CL afterglow won't last long at Chelsea.
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    A certain someone will be along soon enough to rubbish these figures based upon his experience of doing accounts locally in the 1970s.
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    Nevermind somebody already has it
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    I'm so excited to watch Havertz this season, I think he's had his settling in season, which came with a lot of problems because of Covid, but from what I've seen he seems settled and comfortable at Chelsea now and as he showed in the Euros, he is a serious talent. In the right system, he could be a monster for us!
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    The child in me wants to respond to this differently.........
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    Personally I think he is one of the most over rated players I have ever seen. If he wasnt English and playing in the Premier league I doubt anyone would even know who he was.
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    So I popped over to Stamford Bridge on Friday afternoon - had my photo taken with TWO Champions League trophies 😀 🔵⚪️🏆🏆 Went into the Megastore as well. After mentioning Nike sort of missing out on us as a market, I actually found some 'Megastore Exclusive' Nike gear (largely training type stuff I suppose you'd call it), but found two t-shirts, one black, one white - exactly the sort of thing I wanted. Both cotton, both just have a small Nike swoosh over the right upper chest and a Chelsea badge over the left upper. Exactly the sort of thing I'd go for, so snapped them up. A lot of the stadium is closed off due to building works, so you can't walk around the Britannia Gate side or around the West Stand, so couldn't get any photos of the Osgood Statue with the new banners by it, but I did walk through the East Lower and had a spy through a door, Lots of seating being replaced in the Shed and the pitch has been completely removed, ready for the new one to go in. All very busy!
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    All...........I have been offline since Saturday morning. Been basking in the glory, taking it in, and trying to work my way out of the dog house after being a bit unwell on Saturday night around 1am. Apologies for the long post, but just read 82 pages worth, now it's my go! Where to start? From a sentimental standpoint, Munich will always hold a special place in my heart. My father passed away in March 2012, and lifting the CL in May for the first time felt like the closing chapter at the end of a very difficult few months. It also felt like the last chance that Cech, JT, Lampard, Cole, Drogba would get the opportunity. I remember driving back along some anonymous stretch of German motorway feeling as though if someone made a deal whereby we could win the Trophy but I'd never go to another game, I could live with it. I had seen everything, and if we never won another game of football, none of that could be taken away. Fast forward 9 years, and here we are again. Feels very different now.......the beginning of an exciting new chapter, with largely a young team, and much more to come. I was a lot more relaxed this time around.......the anxiousness of the first trophy was gone, plus being underdogs helped immensely. I largely avoided all media for a week or so in the build up, largely because I'd heard how sickening it was from a pro City point of view. Ever since Munich, a good friend (and ST holder) has always maintained we needed to win it again. Any (almost) team can spam it once. We rode our luck in 2012........bit like Liverpool spammed it in 2005. To win it twice means you can lift your head high, and say you are a European powerhouse. Goodness what Arsenal fans must be feeling? On to the game itself, and sorry if going over old ground, but every player stepped up on the night, and even those who didn't play, most had their moments during the campaign. Mendy - funnily enough had one of his quieter nights, but his distribution for the goal was key, and he earned his stripes in the semi-final really. Seems to get better and better as the games go by. Some players shrink when they move to a big club on the biggest stage; he has done the opposite. James - incredible performance. Got caught out early on, but recovered brilliantly. Thereafter, he was flawless. Put Sterling in his pocket Chilwell - ditto really. Made a couple of crucial interceptions at the back post. Brilliant defending. Arguably his best game so far. Rudiger - that block at 0-0 turned the game. If they score first, I think we lose. And wiping out KDB - genius move! What a second half of the season he's had Thiago - felt sorry for him, but what a signing he has been. Feel he has added so much needed knowhow to the dressing room AC - brilliant. Calmness personified and not easy coming on mid way through a game like that. His block at the end was priceless. Jorginho - there are still plenty who don't get it. He's crucial to this team. Calmness on the ball, positionally magnificent, the perfect partner for Kante Mount - what can you say? Not one of his busiest games in attack, but made the goal and must have made 100 tackles / recoveries. The pictures of him with the trophy will be etched on the memory. What a player, what a guy. Werner - I know he frustrates, but again, he is crucial to the way we play. The run he made for the goal, left the gap for Havertz, and the defender marking him played Havertz onside. if you play with a slow centre forward the chance never comes. And lastly, he doesn't stop trying, and he doesn't hide. I really hope he comes good next season, but he gives everything. Havertz - what a special player he will be. Struggled at times this season, but delivered on the biggest stage. Really glad it was him who got the goal I have left 2 players until the end. The two players that IMO now belong in the Cech, Terry, Lampard, Drogba conversations......... N'Golo Kante - my word. These games are built for him. Big, big games and he delivers. He has had his injuries this season, and will need to be managed going forward, but in the biggest games, there is nobody you'd want instead. Jorginho is the perfect foil for him, but his running, tackling, interceptions and ball carrying..... He is like having two players in there. 4 consecutive MOM displays in the CL.........he must be in contention for the Ballon D'or. And such a lovely, humble man. Cesaer Azpilicueta - what a sight that was seeing him lift the cup. Another seemingly lovely bloke, who again delivered a masterclass in one on one defending. Has been criticised as a captain for not being enough of a leader, but Saturday puts that to bed. His interview with Havertz was telling. Really backed the young man publicly after the difficult season he has had. Really made him sound like the club father figure. A word on TT.......... aside from the tactical stuff, and how he has transformed the defence, he seems to have built a fantastic spirit. Looking back at the celebrations, it is amazing to see the reactions from those who either didn't get off the bench, or those who weren't even on it. To a man everyone was delirious, and was great to see. Give this man a couple of big players, and we are a real danger. On City.........their arrogance astounded me. Everyone connected to the club seemed convinced they would win 3-0 at least. No Final, particularly in the CL is ever easy. I'm so glad it was them we beat.......and no team deserves to win their first final. You have to go through a Moscow before you can get your hands on the big one. On Pep.....in an interview during the week he was asked if losing to us twice had made any difference to the final.. He said no, it means nothing. Well.........that's horse manure. He overthought the whole thing. Playing without either Fernandinho or Rodri was arrogant and stupid. I still don't buy the holy status he enjoys. Spends a billion quid and wins the league.....well done. His CL record over 5 years at City (and further back at Bayern) is abysmal. Looking back at the whole campaign, in the knockout stages, we dominated every tie, and had the better of the final. If 2012 included a fair amount of luck, then 2021 was just about as merited as any previous CL winner in living memory. Penny for the thoughts of Hazard and Willian? Can't help feel for Frank too, and hope he enjoyed watching it as much as we did........oh, nearly forgot, how good was Joe Cole on BT? I bet the Hammers loved seeing him bounce up and down like a kid when scored, and won! I don't know about all of you, but I am looking forward to a football break. This season, of all seasons, feels like we have had a crucial game every 3 or 4 days, and it is mentally exhausting! Have enjoyed debating with all of you, despite the differences of opinions, which is what is so great about following sport. I also can't wait though to get back to the Bridge and belt out, "Champions of Europe, we know what we are"..........I think only then will it sink in properly. It still feels surreal. Love to all. p.s. I had gentleman's agreement with a mate and my nephew we would get Chelsea tatoos if we won........I'll let you know how it goes.
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    An almost miraculous event has occurred , not only have we managed to get into the Champions League final but we are probably the only club in the World that City have any fear of playing. That said , we are likely to get all the big boys play this one , The DeBruynes , Mahrez and Silvas who have yet to play together against us iirc . It will be difficult , it'll be on BT so expect a four hour love in about Pep beforehand and commentary from Noel Gallagher throughout so we're up against it from the start . WE can , however do this , they don't like our speed so I expect the usual collective fouling on Pulisic and Werner so lets hope for a competent ref who hasn't just got a new seaside house . C'mon . let's make this a night to remember !
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    Sky only wanting to talk about the Sterling non penalty but not the red he should have had and the nonsense penalty they got.
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    You read “automatic starter” based on starts. That’s because, well, the manager started him. When I write “automatic starter” I mean that from a universal POV, his reputation and performances combined. An awful lot seem to have forgotten Mounts performances from say his first 10 games and what many pundits were saying. A lot of people were very surprised he started so much. Performances in the beginning certainly didn’t warrant it, leading to a lot of Chelsea fans screaming about nepotism and that he only played because of Frank. My point is that Frank gave James, Mount and Abraham a lot more chances than a foreign manager ever would. But I’m done with this. There will be fans who can see what Frank did to the academy players. Then there will be fans who take the route saying ridiculous things like “he was good enough so he’d always shine through under any manager”. Which obviously is pure garbage.
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    I'm with you in as much as I don't think winning or losing this tie matters as much as winning our next 3 or 4 league games. It's daft really, because you want to make the CL to compete in the CL and it's a dangerous way of thinking to fall into to prioritise qualification above all else. But then I think, as opposed to other clubs who have fallen foul with that approach, we genuinely are very close to being a top team that wins things, and being able to offer one or two key signings CL football next year is huge that. I want to see us compete in this game. Also, I want Luis Suarez to get injured. And sent off. And for his shorts to fall down on camera and for everyone to point and laugh at him. And maybe also Branislav Ivanovic to take to the field and deck him in the face. If I get those things, we can go out and I'll survive.
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    We owe this lot , every time we play them we make them look better than they are , every time we play them we look good up to a point and fail . We need to win this . SKY won't want it , BT won't want it , EPL won't want it , PGMOL won't want it . We need to win .
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    Can I point out, that no matter how many times you say it, I do not judge Jorginho (or Rudiger or Kepa) based on how they MAY have got on with Lampard. I've been judging them with my eyes, like I do all other players and then form an opinion on how good I think they are and how well they fit in to our team and this league. Opinions different from fan to fan and that is absolutely fine. Personally, I don’t think Jorginho is right for this league, I think he slows everything down far too much, takes the easy option too often and is scared to make a tackle way too often. What’s frustrating about him, is he CAN make the killer pass as we’ve seen him do it on occasion, but he rarely does it and instead chooses to pass it back to someone else and hope they play that pass. Rudiger, not a terrible defender, but makes some shocking decisions at times. How many times last time did we see him mess around with the ball for too long rather than just smashing it clear? Infuriating! As for Kepa, simply just not good enough last season or this (when he’s played), way too many mistakes, that regardless of who is front of him, he should not be making. As far as I’m concerned they could all be Franks best friends and my opinions would still be the same, so please stop telling us why we all think the way we do. You can and I believe do, disagree with my opinions, which is fine, I doubt we all see things the same, it would be boring if we did, but to claim others have a different view to you because of their opinions of Frank rather than just based on how they watch the game, is silly and boring.
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    I'm sick to death of people quoting stats to back up their pet theories. Maybe look at the players we have at the club. Perhaps accept that we have an ingenue for a manager. We have long yearned for a manager that was one of us, a manager that stuck around longer than ten minutes and helped develop a dynasty at Stamford Bridge. Now we have that and as soon as we drop out of top four contention for a month we are all baying for the head of the manager. Shame on you, shame on all of us if we force Lampard out the door. The board and Roman have their own distinct criteria of success and that pretty much just comes down to money. We the supporters however have a far more organic link to the club as many of us were here during the bad old days of the old second division. I can remember our league title of 2005 and crying at work as a 45 year old as it was the first title we had won in my lifetime. Back then we knew what it was to appreciate success. Today we have become far too blasé, far too entitled. I hope Frank is allowed to continue and learn to develop a style that we can all appreciate. FFS even the filth of Merseyside allowed Jurgen time to bed in. Last year, in his first year in the Premiership, Frank got us to the CL and almost won us the FA Cup. In the first couple of months of this season we were rapidly becoming everyone's second favourite club. We can be quite despicably juvenile when supporting this club.
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    I wanted Tuchel to sub off Kanté at HT. It was obvious after the 10th minute that he was not needed for this game, the back 3 + Jorginho + the counterpress were enough to stop Newcastle from doing anything, and they didn't intend to do anything (poor Saint-Maximain, he deserves better). This is what I want to see from Tuchel, similar to Spurs. Change things up at HT if need be. If we're going to be title challengers, we have to understand it might go down to a +90 points title, so more risk taking for the 3 pts in these games. The biggest issue in the first half was the absence of occupation of the half spaces that number 10s roam around, they need to be able to receive the ball under pressure or on the turn. Mount is brilliant at that, Lukaku does it inside the box, even Pulisic. Hopefully we get them all back soon. He did eventually do it at the hour mark, with limited options on the bench. His in game management is more often spot on than not - I wanted Barkley on, for all his flaws, he can keep the ball thanks to his physicality and close control. I didn't think he'd bring RLC but that was truly an excellent tactical choice. RLC is the closest thing to striker-like box presence we have outside of Lukaku and Havertz. He was immediately a threat Newcastle had to monitor: for the CHO cross, Matt Ritchie came inside because RLC was there, and that left a little more space for James. A lot of teams will give up once we score the first goal. Our defensive record has given us an aura, an aura we're taking care by upping our counterpress intensity (now 4th team that presses the most - only Leeds/Liverpool/Southampton aka the pressing specialists are ahead of us) and killing teams with defensive possession. Very reminiscent of early Jose era, we were so in control of our game plan that teams stopped trying to hurt us. As long as we keep this intensity in our off ball moments and we keep control with possession, this will persist. Interesting: City and Liverpool have technically the best underlying metrics. Yet, watching some of their games yesterday - City are playing Foden as striker now, he'll find it very difficult against low, high-density blocks. They're basically what we were last season since Tuchel arrived, a bunch of attacking midfielders in their front 3. They'll win a lot of games because they're very good, but they'll struggle against some well organised low blocks. Even Havertz has more box presence than any of their AMs having to play against a big CB or with their back to goal. Grealish is also forcing Foden to be the striker while Grealish is LW - Pep moulding him surely - meanwhile Foden is in my opinion a much superior left winger than Grealish, also Mahrez is getting less game time when he has the best numbers of the attack because Pep prefers Jesus who has more work rate. Something to keep an eye on. Liverpool were flying against Brighton for the 25-30 minutes they were pressing high. But then they stopped pressing, and what happened? They looked extremely vulnerable. They pretty much don't have much of a plan B without a high press. They're not defensively solid and their midfield without either Fabinho (defensive cover) or Thiago (defensive possession) isn't great on the defensive phase. They beat United 5-0 yet conceded 1.5 xG against that team. People underestimate how much Allison has carried them (especially with all the Mendy talk being the reason we've won some games). They had a few injuries in midfield this week and dropped points - let's see if 1) they can press all season long 2) injuries impact them. We're the third best team in the league but with more tactical flexibility than both teams in my opinion, it's an advantage that can be important.
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    I really don't think so. In the scheme of things, a draw is a decent result for both sides. 14 points from the opening 6 games (considering the fixtures) would be bloody fantastic.
  33. 3 points
    Can we just get Ampadu minutes please. There is a player in there, 2 years younger than Kounde, potential to be better.
  34. 3 points
    Back to the game..........It's a funny one. At the start, I think everyone would have taken a 1-1 draw. Notwithstanding the penalty / red card incident (more on that later), it felt like a game we could have won. 2 or 3 counter attacks at 1-0 could have put us 2 up, and we didn't make the right pass. Then obviously at HT, a draw seemed almost impossible. The fact we did it so comfortably is a great credit to all (yes, all) involved. In the end, we would have been no doubt the happier, and we maintain the unbeaten run, and most importantly didn't lose ground on them. I think if the boot had been on the other foot, and we barely troubled the oppo GK being at home with a man advantage for 45 minutes, I'd have been pretty annoyed. On the incident itself..........first of all, there is the mix up between Alonso and Mendy. having seen it a few times, I am not too annoyed at either. Alonso sees his GK is on the floor, and decides he has to head it clear. Mendy was lying on the floor, sees the ball go up in the air, and decides he needs to claim it. Touch unfortunate. On the handball.....I would say this. Yes, the ball hits his arm and stops it going in. If it was the other end, I'd demand a penalty. That said, the ball deviates off his leg first, and the laws states: It is an offence if a player: deliberately touches the ball with their hand/arm, for example moving the hand/arm towards the ball touches the ball with their hand/arm when it has made their body unnaturally bigger. A player is considered to have made their body unnaturally bigger when the position of their hand/arm is not a consequence of, or justifiable by, the player’s body movement for that specific situation. By having their hand/arm in such a position, the player takes a risk of their hand/arm being hit by the ball and being penalised So despite it preventing the ball going in, you can argue there is no offence committed. The handball isn't deliberate, and nor is his arm in an unnatural position. I can see both sides of the argument TBH, but the red card is double jeopardy. He got the same punishment if he had just not bothered to try and kick and just parry it away. That seems wrong, although the law here is clear: Where a player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by a handball offence the player is sent off wherever the offence occurs. As many have said already though, we all knew this was coming. Liverpool committed 13 fouls on the day, and got no yellow cards. Fabinho was given licence to kick who he liked. Even Neville said in commentary after his second foul, "I don't think he'll get away with another one". He did. More than one. Then, when VAR gets involved, he goes to the screen, looks at it for half a second, and marches off with a semi. He literally couldn't wait. That he still referees Chelsea games, is nothing short of scandalous. I'm not going to dissect all the individual performances. Everyone did their job brilliantly in the second half. It's the team organisation rather individual brilliance, that makes a result like this possible. On Lukaku - there are some who have made up their minds already. Be prepared for any game we don't win, or he doesn't score in, that we will be told he was rubbish. Personally, I thought he did more than fine in both halves, doing two different jobs.
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    It’s just such a ridiculously early position to take. He’s had two games. One game against a team who are easy to bully, we seen his impact. Then one against much stronger opposition when we played a full half against 10 men and he did ok. I don’t see what any critics(it’s a small handful of 3-4) have to gain from criticism this early. The only conclusion I can come to is faint praise of I told you so! I’m no fan of Werner and made my comments known. However, those comments were after about 15 -20 games playing for us, certainly not 2. I also acknowledged his plus points in terms of his running and work rate and positive impact it has on the team. I’d rather he be sold, but I don’t feel the need to slate him at any opportunity, because I’m not desperate to hear anyone on here say I was right all along. Maybe not you, but some of the negativity on Lukaku after this game. Well, it just smacks of desperation to be proven right. Its 2 fu**ing games! Get a grip!
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    A Mr J Klopp from Merseyside apparently
  37. 3 points
    Do you want Danny Ings? Lukaku has goals in him. He will score more than Werner. Messi and CR7 are Ballon d'Or winners. Not fair to compare Lukaku to any of them, and they are not on the market. Lewan and Haaland both benefit from being in the only two good teams in Germany. I know many of you wanted Haaland but have you seen him play? I am telling you he won't get half those opportunities playing for Chelsea. Many teams sit deep against Chelsea. Remember when Werner was scoring for fun against farmers, he moved to England and got a rude awakening. Werner said he hadn't seen defenders thick tall, well built with speed and agility until he came to England. I am telling you, you send Tammy Abraham to him Germany and he will bang in 30+ goals a season. Imagine paying Dortmund 150m pounds. Mino 40m. Alfie 10m. That is 200m pounds plus world record wages for the lad. Only for Haaland to be bullied by Fofana, Vestergaard and Maguire. Suddenly Morata would look decent in our flop rankings. Then you got the effect on all the other players who would want more wages. Lukaku is a Chelsea fan. He has been here. He knows the culture and the tradition. He is now mature and more confident. His track record speaks for itself. He is also relatively more affordable than Erling Haaland.
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    Hi all fellow blues, the admin team/mods on here has very graciously given me permission to start a new competition on this beautiful forum. As some of you are probably aware Chelsea 5th stand run a competition they call the predictor. I shamelessly want to rip it off and run a similar competition on here, each week starting from our match against palace as the season opener I will open a new page and I invite everyone to put their predictions. to play along with my whims all you need to do is make a comment on each page I open as to what you predict will be: The final score (after 90 mins) The minute of the first goal The first goal scorer Each category will be worth 5 points and if you get all 3 correct your score will be doubled. As we are the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE then all Champions league points will be doubled! All predictions are to be made 30 minutes before scheduled kick off. I will run this competition and collate all data using Excel at some point after end of each match and between the next match I will give the winner of the match (and probably the top 10) and everybody's scores for the season. To keep it fair and so you don't all see how badly I'm doing I will not take part and if this proves to be a popular game this coming season then next season I will personally fund a reasonably cheap Chelsea related prize to the winner. The rules will be put up the top of each page I have opened. If anyone has any suggestions to improve the game or has any other general feedback than comment on here before the start of the season. There will be no rule changes once the season commences.
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    That's sexist Jane. Men can sew as well.
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    Google it mate. You would find the club's balance sheet. Once and for all, lets break it down, shall we? The figures are for 2019-20 season, which actually does not include Morata. Since Morata was sold in 2020-21 season, his value will actually be incorporated in the next season. Now, lets look at our player sales in 2019-20: Hazard Aina Da silva Angban Kalas Redan Palmer Luiz Omeruo hector Lamptey Lamptey, Palmer, Redan, Angban, Da Silva, Aina were all youth players so had no amortized value. All of their transfer fees would have been pure profit. Lamptey - 3m (apparently) Omerou - 4.5m (apparently) Palmer - 3.5m (apparently) Redan - 2.5m (apparently) Angban - 5.4m (apparently) Da silva - 2m (apparently) Aina - 9m (apparently) For a total of 29.9m of pure profit as "Player Sales" (rumored apparently) Hazard - 90m (apparently). Bought in 2012-13 for 32m (apparently). Signed an extension in 2015 (very definitive). So by 2015 he had been 3 years on the books, so his left value was only 12.8. Stayed till 2019 (so 4 more years). His left book value 2.5m only. So a profit of 87.5m. Adding the above, total profit so far, 117.4m Kalas - 8m (apparently). Bought in 2010 for 5m (apparently). First extension in 2012. So 2 years of value was cut, leaving 3m of book value in 2012. Contract was extended till 2017. Signed another extension in 2015 (surprisingly 3 year extension so till 2018). Anyways, another 3 years of his book value gone. Leaving a meagre 1.2m of book value in 2015. Signed yet another extension in 2017 (this time 4 years). Thus in 2017, only 0.4m of book value left. By 2019, 0.2m of his value left. So 7.8m of profit. Total overall, so far, 125.2m Luiz - 8m (apparently). Bought in 2016 on a 3 year contract. Signed an extension in 2019 when his deal was almost over. So all of his book value was already taken care of. 8m profit. Total Profit overall, 133.2m Hector - 5m (apparently). Bought in 2015 (disaster window) for 5m. 5 year contract. can't find any information about an extension, so since he went in Jan 2019, his total remaining book value was just 0.5m. Profit of 4.5m. Total Profit so far - 138.7m So a difference of 142.6m - 138.7m = 3.9m. But apparently by the "sources" we also had a loan fee for bakayoko (2.7m) (apparently), ampadu (0.6m) (apparently) and moses(0.2m) (apparently) (as per transfermarkt), for a total of 3.5m.Which would basically bring our error down to 3.9 - 3.5 = 0.4m. But lets ignore them. 3.9m "error" on a 142.6m value is an error rate of 2.7%. Its actually baffling that everything is a guess/estimate and yet it fits it all so perfectly. The club MUST be cooking its books to fit the media narrative agenda. Thats the best explanation, right? LOL. I mean so many "Apparently" tend to come together and form a perfect combination of numbers. Probably just a co-incidence. Sorry, but if after everything written and explained above, you still doubt the figures and numbers, so be it. Not gonna bang my head against the wall anymore. Like I said in one of my previous posts, 1+1=2, not bloody 11.
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    Credit as well to Lampard! Without him getting us into the CL last season after losing our best player. Without him nurturing our youth in Mount and James, we definitely would not be here now. Of course 100% credit as well to Tuchel for taking the baton and running with it.
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    Whatever the final outcome we should all be grateful for TT getting us where Chelsea stand at this point...A Final,,the top competition semi and a position in the EPL that looked impossible earlier in the season. This is Glory time and whatever opinions anyone voices ref RM they are a Top Club not a filler as in the early rounds.
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    Lampard was averaging 1.526 PPG and under TT it is 2.071 an improvement of roughly 36%. TT has already matched Lampard's PL tally (14 games versus 19 games). It was the last few where the wheels came off for Frank. I would hope we will get a bare minimum of 8 or 9 points from the remaining 5 games. A 9 point improvement in half season equates to 18 points over a full one. That is a colossal difference. Frank did get to the cup final. Let's hope TT can go one better. Losing to the worst Arsenal PL team in history was disappointing (albeit we weren't helped by the officials) CL........ pointless to compare group stages, as TT hasn't managed any for us, but this year's was the easiest group I have ever seen us have. To defeat Atletico and Porto over 4 games, conceding 1 goal (a wordlie at that) is remarkable, seeing as under Frank, the best team we had beaten was West Ham. I love Frank as much as the next man, but the turnaround since his departure just shows how much we were underachieving.
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    Mate , I'd keep quiet while you're behind if I were you , seeing as you pontificated he'd be first choice next season when I've got more chance .
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    You really do suck the joy out of every conversation you enter.
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    In the light of last night's performance, his reaction just makes him look silly and confirms the ridiculous lengths he'll go to with his many agendas.
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    Martin Keown doesn't think much of Tuchel, so that's it, I'm sold; we're going to get 80 points from the next 19 games.
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    Is it? Actually you didn't lurk in the undergrowth for the entire 17 games did you Martin? You actually did a bit of a flip flop didn't you? I do remember a point when we were doing rather well ( maybe even top of the league for a day!) we had a happy forum. I remember myself responding to one of your posts with a " well done Martin..good for you". That was because , as I saw it, you had changed your Lampard position to one of " ok I concede he's doing well now and pulled things around" ( not your exact words I'm sure but there or there abouts). I thought that was classy of you. Nobody ranted at you as a flip flopper or being a turncoat in a matter of a few games. My personal feeling was its nice to have everyone rooting for the club and on roughly the same page. I also remember you had previously started on one of your " everyone is attacking me, your not allowed to have an opinion on here" moments which was blatantly not true. You seemed very flaky and emotional. I remember Mark Kelly asking if you if you were ok because we are living in strange times. You conceded you were maybe over reacting but were calm now and looking forward to a bit of fishing. I remember this because I too love a bit of fishing and very nearly sent you a message saying ' where are you in the world because I'd be more than happy to sit with you by a river for a few hour's. I changed my mind on that because I thought it might come across as a bit weird as can happen on a forum. But now nice Martin has disappeared and slightly unpleasant Martin has emerged. You're back on the victim thing and asking people how dare they inhabit your position when they were once on the opposing side. But what IS your position? I have asked you many times if you wanted Lampard sacked and you have consistently said no you do not. So if you yourself are now being consistent, and non flip floppy, and not changing your mind after just 5 defeats, you must still not want him to be sacked. So at least you and I inhabit the same position on that, unlike the other 80% of the forum. But lets not be disingenuous. You want him gone and have done for some time. Am I right or wrong? Let me sum up this season. After about 2 games you said he was clueless and taking the team backwards. Many including me pushed back on that. We wanted to see the new keeper. We wanted the new players to arrive. We wanted important injuries to heal. Some said lets see where we are after 10 games. Some said lets wait until January. Some like me said he needs a whole season. But EVERYONE said no excuses this season ,we've spent lots of money, if results don't go his way he deserves no special treatment. Nothing crazy about that, nothing flip floppy, nothing keeping your feet in both camps. You do not own the copyright on 'Lampard out' anymore than I own the copyright on 'Lampard in'. And RA is the only person whose opinion counts.