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    Hard to disagree with this. We've done well - very well even - but we could have done oh so much better.
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    I don’t want to come across as a ‘know it all’, but I’ve been saying this for ages. Best part of the last 12 years I reckon. It’s been my main criticism of the Roman years, that the management of the club somehow have thought that they’d be better equipped to build a squad rather than the manager who builds a team to perform and who is the man to take all the blame if **** fall apart. Basics are always better than over-elaborated bullshit. Sadly, with the money we’ve spent under Roman we should have won a lot more titles if only the men and women in charge were better at their jobs.
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    The dildonic branch of mathematics.
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    Odd that Phillips is £45m to City, but Rice would be £150m to us. To me, Rice is the better player, but not 3 times the player…
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    Unbeatable in terms of excitement and never say die attitude to get through the QF, SF and win the final in Bayern's own backyard. But that was a memorable run over 5 games. Beating the two best week to week teams in Europe, managed by the two top managers over 38 games is a greater test.
  8. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    You talk about these things as you actually know what each of these players were thinking. Let’s stop pretending that you do, it’s all guesswork on your behalf. But either case it’s pretty worrying that we have managed to lose four players who are CB1 at the Italian champions, an attacker who has now showed he knows how to score in both England and Italy and two regular defenders at mid table PL teams. Instead we spunk fortunes on bang average dross to cover for the top talents we sell. It’s moronic and a strategy that has to end.
  9. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    You say it’s utopia, and then proceed to say we dropped the ball on Livramento, Tomori and Guehi? Maybe I misunderstand something, but it seems to me that we both agree that the squad I listed would not have been utopia at all if someone at the club looked at squad management through a strategic lense. To me it seems no one at the club has a effing clue what that even is.
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    Munich 2012 will never be surpassed but I get your point.
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    I agree I would add this. TT might well be a top coach, but that still might not be enough when up against two elite managers. Imho, if we win the league again while Pep and Klopp are still here, then it will be the single greatest achievement in our history.
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    The players West Ham signed from us were players we were happy to sell. It was a bit like someone going into a shop, picking an item off a shelf and paying for it. Regarding Rice, West Ham don't want to sell. Therefore they don't have to sell. No "cheek" involved (unless you have an exceptionalist mind set). Rice has a contract until 2024, but West Ham have the option of extending that contract by a year, so effectively he's theirs until the end of the 2024-25 season. It doesn't matter that he won't sign a new contract; they still hold all the cards for the moment. And while he may very well want to move, he's not going to cause problems, especially as he's very likely to be the club captain. Above everything else, he's a professional. If West Ham don't do well in Europe and don't qualify for Europe next season, some of West Ham's leverage is lost, and Rice can then say, '"look, you knew I wanted to move, but I respected your decision to keep me, I gave 100% and never caused problems, but we've regressed rather than progress. Club x are still interested and I'd like permission to talk to them, and I'd like you to accept any sensible offer they make" We'll be back for Rice next summer, and I dare say we'll get him then.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic west ham have got some cheek, they like signing our players but they won't sell anyone to us no way will Rice sign a new contract, he's made it clear he wants to leave and go to us, he stays for another season and his price will half tell them to do one when they want to sign any of ours from now on
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    Mark. As I have said many times, I am not anti TT, I am still waiting for him to prove he is a top Coach who can turn the squad into a PL winning team. In eyes of many on this forum all the issues are with the players, whereas IMO it’s a bit of both. If you go take look at TT on transfermaket and see his team formations at Dortmund and PSG and Chelsea last season then you may understand why I continually refer to formation and tactics. Apologies for veering of the forum subject.
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    ... as were a lot of pundits and commentators.
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    I was certain we were going to win the league until those injuries hit to James and Chilly.
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    I think you need to take off your anti TT blinkers Rob , we were flying , absolutely flying before the injuries to our wing backs , even Lukaku wasn't stinking the place out until he got injured and appeared to eat Gian-Franco Zola whilst recuperating . We don't get injuries to Chilwell , James , Lukaku and CHO and we finish far closer to the two up top . Injuries , Covid and being the only club not to get a rest killed our season not Tuchel.
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    Massive fan of De Ligt, a proper leader and at only 22 still has so much potential. I think it will be him AND Kounde though with Sterling/Richarlison and Dembele to come in too. Be pretty happy with that personally.
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    The way I'm rationalising my Sterling price is Mane was £35m. Sterling is English which probably adds £5m to the price. He's also younger which adds a few quid. City are selling to a team in the same league which probably bumps up the price again. The caveat being maybe he isn'y as important to City as Mane was to Liverpool. So £45-50m probably isn't far off.
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    So it seems like TT prefers De Ligt to Kounde. I don’t think we will be getting both. The fact that Kounde has been taking forever makes me think it’s not TT first choice and might not happen after all. Reports saying we have around £200M which makes sense. TT should play it smart with Sterling and go for him in January or next year summer . Don’t pay £50M for someone who’s contract expires in 12 months especially when they are 25+. My guess is Sterling would like the idea of coming back to London, he won’t choose Arsenal or Spurs over us if he’s really serious so I think it should be a deal we can get done for a good price if we convince him. Just not for £50M.
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    Nothing like a bit of xenaphobia to get the masses murmuring! There are Americans and then there are Americans. Hopefully our owners are the latter.
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    Agree, Kepa transfer has to be the most clueless and suspicious for that price. Absolutely no doubt Kepa has done more for us than Lukaku but Kepa price was insane piece of business. When you look at the striker market you can see why Lukaku costs around that price and Man U also paid a price above £80M so it shows how expensive a striker can be. But in the GK market, a keeper like Kepa you can find for £20M or even less. His 7 year deal was also madness. That’s the worst transfer imo.
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    Are we already doing the Utd/Glazer thing? Maybe we should wait and see what happens first.
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    Don't trust an American that "promises the moon"................ :)
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    Agree with a CB and midfield maestro. As for a striker I am not so sure, the CV of most of the clubs attacking players were exemplary prior to coming to the club and have been coached by TT for 18 months and he has been unable to get a regular tune out of any of them. Therefore adding an ordinary player for an alleged £60 seems buffoonery of the highest order. Maybe it’s the case TT offensive side is not as good as many believe, and was fortunate to have one of the worlds strongest attacking line ups at PSG.
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    I still think Kepa takes the biscuit. At least Lukaku was coming off a couple of scintillating seasons, has a great international record and was a goalscorer which usually costs you more money. I'd never even heard of Kepa before he arrived and he's a goalkeeper. We should have been able to pretty much pick any keeper in the world for £70m including taking other PL clubs starter. Madness.
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