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  1. Leeds United vs Chelsea

    Thank you for your in depth reply. Will just have to get used to the new system through gritted teeth. I forgot about the West Upper situation adding to a scarcity of tickets around the ground. Makes me curious if West Upper is going to have more empty seats at those kind of prices. Yes it now formats correctly for mobile phones. I remember on occasion using my phone to buy tickets on the old system, a lot of zooming in and out haha. The 10am time is something they already started implementing last season and it makes so much sense. The 7am (it was 7am wasn't it?) on sale time was crazy. I didn't used to think much about it as throughout the years I was at school, uni and my 2 jobs have been a short distance from home, so I was waking up early and sorting it in enough time to make it to work on time. But now that I think about that's an insane time. For people with commutes it would be literally impossible to buy tickets without a family or friend helping out. I suppose the bad part is that makes the competition for tickets even higher as less people are filtered out from the inconvenient 7am time. How I wish my Dad hadn't given up his Season Ticket back in 2001!!!
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Definitely. If he was in the positions of those Havertz, Sterling and RLC chances against Spurs, he scores them. But then there's this, which might mean his lack of press messes up our ability to get the ball into the goal scoring zones in the first place.
  3. Leeds United vs Chelsea

    Not sure where else to post this, as the Tickets section isn't very active. How have people been finding the new Ticket Website? I've browsed around on it a bit, it seems a bit fiddly and not as clear and concise as the old system. One good thing looks like you can specify the seat you want to buy, whereas the old system was just whatever the system served up to you when you added to cart. Haven't had to buy any tickets yet, but I hope it isn't a pain as on the face of it seems like it is compared to the old way.
  4. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Yes absolutely, it's obvious that something was lacking in him for 3 managers in a row not to trust him outright, training ground related is a good bet. But nonetheless a quick browse over his Wikipedia article, reveals this tidbit from his final season with us: "On 5 December, Giroud marked his first league start of the season with a goal against Leeds United and became the oldest player to ever score in six successive Premier League starts at the age of 34 years and 63 days. He also became the first Chelsea player to score in six consecutive Premier League starts for the club since Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink in October 2001".
  5. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Haha, his justification was that he didn't want to be seen as the reason Spurs lost the league (not that they were anywhere near it in reality anyway), he wanted them to implode themselves. Giroud was never given a proper run as a starting striker. He was signed halfway through Morata's stinker season, and Morata still continued to start ahead of him for most of the games thereafter and then even in the seasons ahead after Morata left, Giroud was never given a proper run of games to shine. I sincerely believe we would have finished 4th in 2018 if he had been the starting striker from his signing, and Morata had been relegated to the bench.
  6. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Yes I said to my wife a few days ago that I'd take a point from the Spurs game, I bought into all the hype about their great transfer window and how they were so much better than us now haha. Just same old Spurs, but they got handed 2 goals by the ref.
  7. VAR and Chelsea

    I can't get my head around Richarlison being offside though. He wasn't directly impacting Mendy's view of the shot itself, but he was in the way of the ball's trajectory afterwards and it seemed like a relatively soft shot that Mendy would have covered easily if Richarlison wasn't in the way. 100% would have been given a penalty in reverse.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Does anybody know the situation with Immobile? Absolutely brilliant scoring rate and has been stuck at a non-CL club all these years. Never any hint of a move or being linked in any transfer window. Is there a weak point to his game? His stats are ridiculous. 151 goals in 209 games for Lazio.
  9. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    If the hair pull was the other way round Spurs would have 100% been given a penalty.
  10. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Couldn't help but look up the reverse fixture. Late Feb. Hope we draw them in the League Cup asap. I want revenge.
  11. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    It's clear based on the way the commentators talk as well. No references to the Cucurella hair pull after the goal, just a full sycophantic jerkfest about best league in the World as usual.
  12. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Yes, but also our lack of a goal scorer is showing too. But the referee ruined today's game. The first one we can let go as there was a lot that followed, more Jorginho's fault. But the 2nd one comes from a clear red card and foul the other way, giving us control of the closing minute of the game.
  13. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    This is probably the most worried I have ever been about this fixture. But it's still Tottenham and it's at the Bridge.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    He has always come across as someone capable of playing in a CL team, he always runs the Top 6 teams ragged. Kind of like the footballer equivalent of being overqualified for the job, in this case the Club he plays for, for lack of better phrasing. Too late to start every game sure, but as an option in the rotation I think he would do better for us than Werner, Ziyech and (sorry to say) CHO have been.
  15. Khobar's Legacy

    The BBC headline was "Nunez helps Liverpool comeback". I assumed they had won 3-2 based on that phrasing.
  16. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    It seemed like more of the same unfortunately. New players need time to bed in, recovered players need time to get back in the groove.
  17. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Reece and Chilwell back together is such a huge relief.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    It looks like he hasn't been linked at all this Summer, certainly not from any credible sources. Maybe if he makes waves in the next couple of games as well, someone in the hierarchy may take notice and a last minute scramble for him might ensue, assuming we haven't finalised a striker from elsewhere. But it obviously begs the question. Why has he been yo-yooing with Fulham and not been taken on by any regular EL/CL clubs? Or has it been his own choice to just stay settled? Because he regularly performs well at International level where you would think something would give, if his club form is ignored. A traditional no 9, banging them in for fun, and because of the profile of club he plays for and lack of attention he has, he can probably be had at a bargain price and plus he wouldn't have to uproot his family life at all to play for us. Only catch is his most recent season was the second tier, but that hasn't stopped him scoring goals for fun at International level and helping Serbia auto qualify to the World Cup.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Does everyone remember back when I said we should sign Mitrovic :)))
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Either of those strikers would score chances that the others make a meal of. We need one of them in my opinion. Ideally Auba as he is younger.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    His dressing room presence is crucial. Champions League winning captain in the dressing room and a league winner (alongside Kante, Sterling and Alonso if he somehow ends up staying).
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absolutely. It felt unfair he didn't get more of a shot as the out and out starting striker.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    I was about to post that Auba would be a terrible transfer, but just looked it up and his scoring stats at Arsenal were decent in most seasons (and at his short stint so far at Barca he has been on top tier striker rate of return). But 33 years old. Arsenal reject. Last season in PL was Lukaku-like. It's just got all the bad ingredients.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Nothing to worry about. Surely it wouldn't have been reported by BBC if they didn't trust the sources.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeeeeeees!!!! I was saying June/July we should be going for him and people told me he is going City. WE GOT HIM YES YES!!