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  1. Kept wondering where I'd heard his name before ...
  2. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    I think Sheva is busy …
  3. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Wondered what you meant - have been working in the garden all morning - then saw the result. Fnaar fnaar ... God, it smells better than my roses ...
  4. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Only if he stands in the wrong place
  5. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    First day of the season, the match is on Sky and She Who Must Be Obeyed is out for the day with old school chums. Deep joy …
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not that difficult … His name is Chukwuemaka It rhymes with Scotty Parker I’ll get my coat
  7. Chelsea Women

    Well, Chara, we don’t help ourselves - for the kids - or for the two old fossils that are Mrs R (don’t tell her I said that) and myself - it’s £1 at the ends and £2 at the sides. So it hardly threatens the bottomless pit that constitutes pocket money these days …. and it hardly adds more than a token to CFC’s coffers. Why do we charge so little? Surely it’s worth a fiver? I was so embarrassed to take advantage of Todd’s largesse that her upstairs and I will go ladedah and sit in the posh seats - still only £45, and you get a free beer and a prawn sarny at half time! Nothing wrong with getting them in young, anyway - it’s how we blokes got trapped into the addiction all those decades ago … and how the lasses’ game has progressed over the last decade. I doubt it’ll take over from the men’s game, but at least - at last - it’s watchable. And it does mean my daughter might once again accompany her old man to games….
  8. Chelsea Women

    Done my bit. Tickets booked for me and Mrs R.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    ^ I’d willingly pay it
  10. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    They've had their chips?
  11. New Stadium Plans

    I'd agree with that - London Pride is OK, but a good quality lager could hit the spot
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    He always did. Quick to shed it though. Too many moule frites over summer
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Trouble is, I’ve put on a bit of weight since he left - can’t get into that shirt any more …
  14. Media / Press

    Posted in a hurry before hosting a webinar, so no accompanying comment, but my sentiment was more one of "interesting conclusion" than that I agreed with it. However, the man (Slicker) is often on the money, so worth repeating. Front cover had me laughing like a drain ... for those who haven't seen it (apologies to the Admin ... feel free to censor ... only living up to my moniker) ...
  15. Maybe this would have been a better place to post this ...
  16. Media / Press

    From today's Private Eye (just arrived) ..... PLANET FOOTBALL Chelsea THE private equity shape of things to come at Stamford Bridge is indicated by the complex post-Roman Abramovich corporate structure for the Premier League club now owned by American Todd Biehl and his US and Swiss partners led by Clearlake Capital, major funders of the £4.25bn deal. The £2.5bn paid for Chelsea (another £1.75bn is pledged for future investment in the stadium, academy and players) went to a Treasury-controlled UK bank account intended to prevent the sanctioned Abramovich from benefiting from the sale. He has stated that the "net proceeds" will go to an as yet unidentified charity for unspecified "victims of the war in Ukraine". On 30 May, the Abramovich-controlled company Fordstam ceased to be the owner of the club's immediate parent company, Chelsea FC, bought from Ken Bates and others in 2003 for £60.7m cash. It has been renamed Chelsea FC Holdings. However, four days before that change of control, the company issued 3,069,461 new shares for £61.4m cash. Who paid and why is as yet unclear. A new company, Blueco 22, replaced Fordstam. On 1 June, Boehly and fellow American billionaire Behdad Eghbali, a co-founder of Clearlake, became directors of Chelsea FC Holdings and the club. Also on 1 June, 1,000 new shares in Chelsea FC Holdings were issued for £100m cash, presumably from Blueco 22. This UK company in turn is controlled by Blues Partners. Between 6 May and 25 May, "significant control" of Blues Partners, which then had just two issued shares, was first held by Boehly, who was then joined by Blues Investment Midco. Midco is a style of company name resonant with leveraged private equity deals. These are the companies that often borrow the money that provides the gearing for the equity investors. Boehly was then replaced by Blueco 22 Investor Holdings (controlled by Boehly), only for that stake of up to 50 per cent to return to Boehly. After that share shuffle, 150m new A and 94m B shares in Blues Partners were issued for just £20. Blues Investment Midco lists Eghbali and his Clearlake co-founder Jose Feliciano as directors. Clearlake funds are reportedly providing 60 per cent of the money for the Chelsea deal. On 30 May, Midco issued 1,000 new shares for £1.5m — a sum which closely resembled the number of A shares issued that day by Blues Partners, representing around a 61 per cent share stake. Eghbali signed on behalf of the sole Midco shareholder, Blues Partners GP LLC — limited liability company or corporation, depending in which US state or tax haven it is incorporated. GP is the general/managing partner of Blues Investment Holdings LP or limited partnership. Offshore general and limited partnerships are often used as vehicles by private equity fund investors. A UK limited partnership, Blueco 22 Holdings LP, shares control of Blues Partners with Midco. The general partner is Boehly via non-UK Blueco 22 Holdings LLC. The limited partners are Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss pltfs Guggenheim Partners CEO Mark Walter, Boehly's partner in the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. The likely vehicle for their Chelsea investment. Last week a new UK company joined the Chelsea team. Blueco 22 Midco, controlled by Blueco 22. This dizzying corporate dance is part of the no doubt highly tax-efficient financial engineering behind the Chelsea takeover. The structure will subsequently reveal how that £4.25bn has been funded, who has invested and owns what, andirow big and costly a debt burden Chelsea will be carrying from next season. No more interest-free £1.5bn Abramovich loans; stand by for higher ticket prices. The American private equity playbook is to look for a way out at a big profit after three to five years. Elliott Management recently exited after four years from most of its stake in Italian champions AC Milan to another investment manager, RedBird Capital. 'Slicker'
  17. Media / Press

    No great fan of gambling or, for that matter, many of the shirt sponsors. It’s just a shame that the club doesn’t seek sponsorship from companies who represent club values - and I truly don’t believe that gambling, cars, fossil fuels, aeroplanes, drinks, tobacco and electronics (most of the current sponsors) fall into that category. Better we make a positive gesture by inviting sponsorship from companies whose products and services actually benefit society and promote health etc.
  18. Media / Press

    I’m shocked to the core - biting? - embarrassed that managers at the club I love could behave this way, and nothing was done by the Executive. If that is what RA tolerated, thank God Boehly arrived.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    "Eddie Beach, he knows what to do Eddie Beach, wearing Chelsea blue" (repeat)?
  20. Thought this was some sort of oblique swing at one of the more esteemed members of this forum - thank God I Googled it before reacting - "Strawberry flavoured ice cream and chocolate flavour ice cream centre with chocolate flavour coating and sugar balls." Don't think I'll pursue that any further.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    “Fabregas is magic, he wore a magic hat He spent a while in Monaco and then said “no, f*** that”. He might go off to Newcastle or somewhere else as s****? But if he comes back to the Bridge we’ll sing his song all night”. Well, someone had to say it….
  22. Media / Press

    Really? Never have guessed …