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  1. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Cheque book manager.
  2. Not at all mate. We have a difference of opinion, that's all. Maybe I'm more of an optimist.
  3. Has there ever been a less successful NT Coach? Achieving nothing with THAT Belgium squad?
  4. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Yes but is TT keeping secrets from us/the opposition in relation to their fitness? Why did Lukaku get so many minutes against Spurs and then start against City? I was convinced that when he played a full game in the away Spurs game, Havertz was starting V City. Otherwise it made no sense.
  5. Brighton vs Chelsea

    We're definitely not peppering the box with good quality crosses from the wings, that's for sure.
  6. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Klopp possibly. Tuchel is right up there with Klopp. The jury is still very much still out on Pep as he has never been tested.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    What's the 3rd one? 😉
  8. Why do you think he's moving players around? For the fun of it? Don't you think he'd like to play the best players in their best positions? He's being forced to go 4 at the back due to a lack of defenders, not through choice. Alonso and Azpi are exhausted. Blaming TT for the availability of players is daft.
  9. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    100%. Plus we have no real idea of why Mount or Havertz didn't start. My guess is that neither was fully fit. TT had been criticised for his selections. The fitness fallout from Covid is likely to continue throughout most of the season but neither the press nor the fan critics will want to factor that in. I'm genuinely hopeful for the future of this group once TT has had a couple of windows to clear out some deadwood.
  10. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Agreed. If this season has shown us anything it's who from the squad is not ultimately going to cut it.
  11. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    For me, it wasn't meant to be this season. Too much has gone against us. Maybe I'm an optimist but I genuinely believe that we've got the first or second best full squad in the PL.
  12. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    I didn't ask who would individually make Pep's team, I asked whether out first 11 unit plus bench competes with City. I hate the sum of it's parts arguments. For a number of reasons we look disjointed right now but I maintain our best available team and bench is brilliant when coached by TT.
  13. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    How do you work that out? Are you denying that our form has been derailed by things outside of our control? Is our first choice 11 plus best bench not up there with city?
  14. Stay. The only option is for this to work.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can't argue with those numbers.
  16. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Spot on. I can't believe how many fans have forgotten where we were before the injury/Covid crisis and how depleted we've been since November. When not decimated we're a top top team pushing for the title. City haven't had to deal with this at all. TT had the perfect balance and set up and then the gods decided that wasn't on.
  17. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Maybe he only works with Martinez in tandem.
  18. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 1 (0 - 3 on aggregate)

    Massively negative overreaction just because we lost narrowly to Man City away. Take a few absolutely crucial players out of this city side for a season or half a season or put them through the December we had, through no fault of our own, and we're not 13 bloody points behind them! They've been very very lucky. Feckin' champions of Europe....
  19. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Nice positivity 👍
  20. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    How did VAR not look at that stamp by Cancelo?
  21. Africa cup of nations

    Good to see you back 🙂