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  1. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (10 - 11 on penalties)

    Mmm so yet more examples of var decisions going against us when playing them. Have we actually had one close var decision go our way when playing them? They set the tone when they disallowed that Mount goal a couple of years back, rewinding the play 5 minutes to find a foul lol I can’t this nonsense seriously anymore, ruining the enjoyment of the game.
  2. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (10 - 11 on penalties)

    Sounds about right. I wonder if fans of other clubs notice the bias like we do? It’s probably more noticeable to us as it’s often so blatantly anti Chels so we spot it more easily. But surely fans of other clubs must see it as well? How can it be right to have such a heavily one sided set up for a final? Having said that I don’t watch sly sports anymore as I can’t stomach it lol
  3. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (10 - 11 on penalties)

    I’ve not seen them properly on tv yet, so they were close then? So could have gone either way?
  4. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (10 - 11 on penalties)

    Was there much Chelsea bashing going on by sly sports what with what’s going on? Or just the usual level of bias?
  5. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (10 - 11 on penalties)

    Something so predictable about the whole thing. We score multiple times but all offside, no chance even the tight calls going our way with var. Then penalties against them which never seem to go our way. Its getting harder to be annoyed now days. It is what it is.
  6. Al Hilal SFC 0 Chelsea 1

    Well that was hard work!! In the final but we seriously need to play better than that.
  7. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    My three main observations from that game: 1. Lukaku looks so heavy and slow, with very little awareness. 2. Werner looked even worse when he came on!! Although at least was a bit more lively. 3. How is it not a penalty when Kai is clearly pulled back? Seriously? How can VAR review that and see on video a defender reach out and clearly pull him back yet it’s not a penalty? We see so many weak penalties given to the ‘red’ teams which are justified by the fact there was the slightest of touches, yet something that blatant is not a penalty? Different teams, different rules.
  8. The Way We Were..a chara sslt..series 2

    My dad was a decent defender and actually had trials for Chelsea in the early 70s, he got invited back but didn’t make selection, he still has the letter from Chelsea asking him to the trials. I’m sure he said a young Ian Britton was there at the trials. As for me I played right wing and was once involved in a 33-0 win!! It was the same weekend that united beat Crystal Palace 9-0 so we made the Sun paper as a little sideline story lol
  9. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Get in there Chels !! I’m well pleased we won that, we’ve lost too many Super Cups. Boring game but the positives were Chabolah who looked great, Mount looking sharp, a decent set of penalties from us, a memorable night for Kepa and of course winning the trophy. Come on the Chels...
  10. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Maybe Mendy should have refused to come off like Kepa did a few years back 😁
  11. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Ah good to know, I’ll look at that now...
  12. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Ha ha yeah true. I’d like to watch it but can’t justify signing up to BT for it or the handful of Chels games they’ll show. I might have to get my arse out the house to a pub.
  13. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Does anyone know if BT Sport will show this for free on their YouTube channel like they did with the CL final?
  14. How is this for a statistic... Goals conceded in Chelsea’s 20/21 champions league campaign = 4 Goals conceded in 20/21 premier league home game versus WBA = 5 You gotta laugh 😂😂
  15. Strange to think that Tuchel meant nothing to us 6 months ago, yet he will now forever be part of Chelsea folklore and a big part of our history.
  16. Thank you all for YouTube info. I had no idea, nice one!!
  17. YouTube stream, is it free to watch on YouTube?
  18. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    Oh yeah we’ve been incredibly lucky, Leicester losing 3 of their last 4 league games and drawing the one before that. Same as last year, we have qualified as other teams have made more of a mess of it than we have. However, considering where we were at the start of the year it’s an amazing achievement to have made the top 4.
  19. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    Sounds about right, no logic in that but that won’t stop them. Leicester lose but somehow it’s unfair for us to qualify having lost even though we were above them on points lol
  20. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    Presumably because Leicester missed out? I don’t have Sly Sports so what are they saying? If it is Leicester missing out are we taking the blame? Why not the dippers, after all it is them that have come in late to take a spot, and with a lot of help from VAR last weekend.
  21. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    Football is so fickle, if by some miracle we win next week this team will have achieved great things and Tuchel is a mastermind lol