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  1. Official: Cesc Fabregas Departs For Monaco

    No. We don't. Not yet.
  2. Champions League draw

    I'll be doing the next one regardless. Dortmund would be okay, but a pretty dull city. Real I'd love to get in the Semi Finals. PSG would be alright but just pricey when you get there (And I hate the city).
  3. Champions League draw

    Not really too fussed who we get. Anything but United for me. Also, worth noting that we could really do with being away from home first. If we are away from home during the second week it clashes with school holidays and all flight prices will have rocketed (They are already double for some of the potential destinations).
  4. This whole thing just doesn't make sense. Fair play to Jose for trying to explain it after the Fulham game, but I just don't get it. He's been our best player for a while in my opinion and I just don't get how there is no way for him to fit into this team. Hopefully he bangs in 6 tomorrow.
  5. John Terry

    I saw Ramires down the Fulham Palace Road yesterday, driving a Jaguar with a Chelsea Badge air freshner, good lad.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Completely dis-respectful to Turnbull. Thought we had retired the number 22 shirt.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Willian work permit granted. Transfer will be completed today.
  8. I've met most of the Chelsea squad, the only players I've ever met who came across like this was Sturridge (and the rest of his family) and Ballack. That doesn't just go for us either, met players from other clubs who weren't this way.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    How is it that simple. He's just said that we don't want to sell anybody, just loan. Just does not add up whatsoever if we sold Mata.
  10. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    I wouldn't advise either. 74 Year old was arrested at AFC Wimbledon for throwing a Banana at a Referee (They where white). Interesting that we can arrest a pensioner for that, yet there are plenty of other things that the police don't bother adressing. http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CC8QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraph.co.uk%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Fteams%2Fafc-wimbledon%2F9826088%2FAFC-Wimbledon-supporter-arrested-for-throwing-banana-onto-pitch-during-match-against-Port-Vale.html&ei=_N4EUrTUNKG40QW4n4GYCA&usg=AFQjCNF8jT2aATxbypractRueR-SlCU0lA&sig2=fHa7sPmIVkilfrDJGJOXzQ&bvm=bv.50500085,d.d2k Sorry this went off topic, but it's something I'm passionate about. Lets end it there.
  11. Didier Drogba

    To be fair, I even enjoyed the 3-1 defeat at the Emirates in 2010 (May have been 2009) when we had them on the 27th December, 8pm kick off.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Have very little doubt that we'll end up with Rooney. Still think it will end in tears. Might get a good season or two out of him. Can't see him being the type to play into his 30's at such a high standard. Add to that, the thought of Stamford Bridge singing 'Roooneeeey' makes me feel a little bit sick.
  13. Media / Press

    I know it was right infront of you, remember you where only 2 row behind me that season.. lol I'm just not convinced he has the capability to still be world class past the age of 30. He's coming up to 28, so we may get 2 good seasons out of him. That's if we are lucky, he looked off the pace last season and that wasn't just due to Van Persie. If we got him for 20m or under, I'd say it is a decent signing. Anything more than that and it just seems silly. Hopefully we can knock a bit of money off his salary after all the coins that got pelted at him when he done those celebrations.
  14. Media / Press

    Wouldn't say it's 'Dreamt Up'. I'd say it's an impression of the way somebody conducts themselves. But yes, that is without the input of Journo's. If I'd have said 'I don't like Rooney because he shags Granny's' then that would be differen't (Whilst possibly still valid)
  15. Media / Press

    It's pretty black and white though in terms of his contract negotiations. The Media could simply supply quotes from him without putting their spin on it and I tihnk he's out of order. You don't like the Rooney Persona? Surely that is based on what the Media have to say. He may improve us, but I'd rather look elsewhere, or if worst comes to worst, look at what we have available at present.
  16. Media / Press

    I think that he is Vermin for the way that he celebrated infront of the MHL when he scored, on more than one occasion. I also don't like the way that he has completely mugged off his club, on more than one occasion. Who's to say he wouldn't do that here. My view has absolutely nothing to do with what the Media have to say about him.
  17. Media / Press

    Really shocked that you'd want that piece of virmin here! Let alone the fact he didn't have a great season last year and we'll be paying him a ridiculous salary. This will be another Torres disaster, but possibly, more costly. We should go for someone 24 or younger.
  18. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Even if we go out to Leeds, nothing can stop this from being hilarious. They really went for this, "I can't win anything, so lets really go for the League Cup... all we have to do is beat 4th Division Bradford" Nah. Hope Bradford make it to the Final vs Us.. I believe that would guarantee them a European Cup place..
  19. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    What is seemed like is that the coin was aimed for Rooney, because once again, he decided to do an over the top celebration in front of the City fans. As Dave has said, United have done it many times at our place, Young done it when he was at Villa. Rooney got rained on with coins a couple of years back. No sympathy from me I'm afraid.
  20. Didier Drogba

    Such a shame Robbie wasn't there last night. Torres didn't go either, but it was his kids birthday.
  21. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Hope Celtic get absolutely battered by whoever they draw in the next game. Vile team. Vile manager. Deserve no congratulations from me and it quite simply makes me sick that they get a load of loving from the British media.
  22. He has lost so much pace. That first goal he scored, he would've been off and round the keeper in his hay-day. He was very fortunate that their keeper couldn't contain his shot (which was straight at him). Overall yesterday, he was still rubbish. Danish pub team.
  23. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Safe Standing + Dirt cheap tickets Will never happen here unfortunately.
  24. No, trust me, he is a disgrace. His attitude yesterday was disgusting. Doesn't deserve to put on that shirt every week. Our fans completely turned on him yesterday, I hate turning on your own team, but Torres needs to know that his times up here.
  25. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Milton Keynes v Wimbledon this weekend (Sunday) Should be interesting. Not too convinced that Wimbledon are enjoying the media hype around it. I believe it is live on ITV?